Pittsburgh, Pa.
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Radio Notes: Parking is prize in contest

Saturday, January 31, 2004

By Adrian McCoy, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Giving away money in contests is a long-standing radio tradition. In a reflection on the city's changing times and declining fortunes, KDKA-AM (1020) has come up with a new twist.

On Monday -- the day the parking rates go up -- the station, along with Alco Parking, will give away 25 free downtown parking spaces for a day at Alco's Seventh and Penn Ave. lot. One lucky grand-prize winner will get a month's worth of parking relief.

Those who want to win a space have to call in during Monday's "KDKA Morning Show with Larry Richert" and make their case to fill-in morning host Fred Honsberger, who'll choose the winners.

KDKA program director Steve Hansen says the station encourages the winners, who are getting a break to shop at a Downtown merchant's business or buy lunch with the money they save: "We hope people will pay it forward," he says.

Divorce discussion

Divorce can be a complicated process. "Dealing with Divorce" is a half-hour advice/talk show debuting on KQV-AM (1410). Host and producer Nan Cohen will talk to guest experts in a variety of fields -- lawers, accountants, financial advisers, psychologists, travel agents and others.

Cohen is a media and marketing consultant and previously hosted a call-in show devoted to plastic surgery on KQV.

She says the idea for "Dealing with Divorce" came from helping people she knew deal with the problems that came up in their divorce proceedings. She started researching the concept of a talk show that would help people through similar difficulties.

"Dealing with Divorce" airs at 8 p.m. Thursdays.

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