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Frequently Asked Questions

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Viewing Videos

Video Content

Viewing Videos

What is QuickTime?

QuickTime is free software that enables both Windows and Mac users to play audio and video on their computers. For more information, click here.

How can I get QuickTime?

If your computer does not currently have QuickTime, you can download it for free by clicking here.

How do I know if my computer has QuickTime or not?

An easy way to find out if you computer already has QuickTime is to click here. This page will check your computer to see if you have the software.

I use a different video player. Can I use it to watch a travel video?

No. The viewer and videos are formatted to only use QuickTime. You can download QuickTime for free here.

I installed QuickTime, but the video is not playing on my computer.

The videos do not automatically start; wait until the video page fully loads, and then start the video by pressing the play button() on the QuickTime viewer.

If the video still does not play, make sure:

  • You have the most recent version of QuickTime by clicking here to run the QuickTime Updater
  • Your computer meets the system requirements. Click here to find out.

If the video still is not playing, click here for QuickTimeís troubleshooting tips.

The video started playing, but then stopped and did not work properly.

Once you click on a video link, please make sure the page fully loads before you press play. If you are letting the page fully load, and the video still does not play correctly (and you have checked to make sure QuickTime is functioning properly), click here to report the problem. (Please be sure to include the name of the video you were attempting to view and whether you are a Windows or Mac user.)

Video Content

What is the difference between Seasonal Features and Sponsor Videos?

Seasonal Features are videos that highlight regional interests; topics are selected and produced by Discover Pittsburgh Country.

Sponsor Videos are paid advertisements. Businesses and attractions showcased in the Sponsor Video section paid for production and placement in the Travel Video Guide.

How can I showcase my business in post-gazette.comís Travel Video Guide?

For more information on how your business can appear in the Travel Video Guide, click here.

Are there any advertising opportunities within post-gazette.comís Travel Video Guide?

To find out how to advertise in the Travel Video Guide section of, click here

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