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December 8, 2022
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Steelers NFL Draft Forecast: Outside Linebackers

Friday, April 20, 2001

By Ed Bouchette, Post-Gazette Sports Writer

Tommy Polley
6-4, 233
Florida State
1 Put on more than 15 pounds since the season ended. Overcame knee ligament surgery at the end of 1999 to have outstanding 2000 season. Great high school basketball player. Can cover the entire field to make plays.

Sedrick Hodge
6-3 1/2, 245
North Carolina
2 Fast, productive player with good size. Can cover receivers downfield because of his speed. Beats linemen to the quarterback with speed.

Quinton Caver
6-4, 230
3 Nice size, hard-working player who has room to improve and the attitude to do so. Makes up for lack of power with athletic ability. Big-hitter who needs to become more consistent. Can play inside linebacker but probably more suited for the outside.

Markus Steele
6-3, 233
Southern California
4 A better athlete than a football player. So good, in fact, he's dazzled scouts with his ability. Disappointing 2000 season.

Morlon Greenwood
6-0 1/2, 235
5 Does everything he's been asked to do, but nothing exceptionally. Solid player who will do all the right things, be in the right spots and play consistently. He just doesn't take it to another level.

Eric Westmoreland
5-11 1/2, 235
6 Size is his biggest problem. He is not big enough to ward off the jumbo blockers offenses will throw at him. Active player who has great range and can get to the ball quickly. May be better suited as an inside linebacker because of his size.

Orlando Huff
6-2 1/2, 245
Fresno State
7 Decent size and speed. Better rushing the passer than he is at dropping back in pass defense. Needs to refine his game and will need good coaching. Aggressive player who had 10 sacks.

Brian Allen
6-0, 238
Florida State
8 Short for an outside linebacker. He is strong and has good speed. He can play inside or outside. Covers receivers well. Productive at one of the top college programs.

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