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December 8, 2022
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Steelers NFL Draft Forecast: Guards

Friday, April 20, 2001

By Ed Bouchette, Post-Gazette Sports Writer

Steve Hutchinson
6-5, 315
1 Extremely athletic and versatile. He can play any position in the line and even has played on defense. Good size and mobility puts him way out in front of a mediocre group.

Mike Gandy
6-4, 305
Notre Dame
2 If the Steelers were to draft him, they could ultimately present a tackle-guard combination of Gandy and Gandy. Underachiever. Smart and durable, but not necessarily tough.

Kenyatta Jones
6-3, 310
South Florida
3 Strong with good speed and quickness. Had great workouts in off-season. Can get too heavy and his desire has come into question. Started four years at tackle but projected as a guard in the pros.

Matt Light
6-4, 311
4 A three-year starter at left tackle projected as a guard in the pros. Tough with good work habits but not real agile. Could play right tackle. Good technician.

Floyd Womack
6-3 1/2, 345
Mississippi State
5 He's not called "Pork Chop" because he's underweight. Massive player who won't be able to block much on the run, pulling or trapping, but can blot out rushers. Another left tackle deemed not quick enough for the position in the pros. Could also play right tackle.

Bill Ferrario
6-2, 315
6 If they held the draft right after the season ended, he'd have been better off. His workout numbers have been horrible and he's been dropping because of it. Played well for the Badgers, though, and he's a tough, durable kid.

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