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December 8, 2022
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Steelers NFL Draft Forecast: Ends

Friday, April 20, 2001

By Ed Bouchette, Post-Gazette Sports Writer

Justin Smith
6-4, 270
1 Holds school records with 11 sacks in a season and 22 1/2 in his three-year career. Smart on the field and in the classroom. Outstanding athlete with speed and quickness. Consistent. A great pass-rusher but not likely to fit into the Steelers scheme, in which ends have to defend inside and outside gaps.

Andre Carter
6-4, 250
2 Dad Rubin played nose tackle for Denver Broncos and is DL coach for New York Jets. He had 13 sacks last season, 10 the year before. Outstanding pass-rusher with all kinds of moves and great athletic ability. Steelers love him, but where would he fit with them?

Jamal Reynolds
6-3, 265
Florida State
3 He visited the Steelers last week and also raises a question of what they would do with him. He's bigger than Carter but still not big enough to play every down at end, so he'd have to be a situational rusher. And he's great at that. He also could play outside linebacker.

Kyle Vanden Bosch
6-4, 275
4 His value soared when he ran a 4.59 40-yard dash. Named top student scholar in college football (refuting the old joke that the "N" on Nebraska's helmet stands for 'Nowledge'). Outstanding workouts and a dedicated player.

Aaron Schobel
6-3 1/2, 265
Texas Christian
5 Would play outside linebacker in Steelers 3-4, but the other 30 teams play a 4-3. Not real strong and may not be big enough to play end while too big to play linebacker.

Cedric Scott
6-5, 281
Southern Mississippi
6 Great-looking defensive end with size and speed. Had 12 sacks last season. Does not perform up to expectations, though. Rushes wide and he won't be able to do that as much in the pros.

David Warren
6-2, 254
Florida State
7 Good pass rusher but may not be an every-down player because of his size. Has great speed, however, and plays better than his size. Not a Steelers type because it's not likely he can play as an outside linebacker.

DeLawrence Grant
6-2 1/2, 280
Oregon State
8 Great workouts have moved him up on the list and he may go higher. He's big enough to play end in a 3-4 as well as a 4-3. Is bigger now than he was during the season. Forte is rushing the passer.

Reggie Hayward
6-5, 255
Iowa State
9 Not very stout but he has the ability to add bulk and he's certainly tall enough. Three-year starter. Could develop into a great pass-rusher . A gamble in the higher rounds.

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