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August 8, 2022
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Caught on the Web: www.remembertheaba.com

Wednesday, June 12, 2002

This week, WebMaster Seth Rorabaugh plays that funky music loud with a trip back in time to the days of flag-like basketballs, Shaft-like hair and renegade-like leagues. He's jive talkin' '70s flava, Homes -- the ABA. Enjoy ...

This week's web site


What it is

An online tribute to the maverick alternative to the button-down NBA of the 1970s, the American Basketball Association.

Why visit

Nike, through the magic of some of its better commercials in recent memory, has ignited the flames of nostalgia. Platform shoes, afros, ridiculously short shorts being worn by everyone, not just John Stockton, Bootsy Collins and George Clinton. Glory B, da funk's on me!

While many other alternative leagues came and went with hardly any notice, the ABA was an exception. It was a successful version of the XFL -- it tried to be cool and was.

What's there

Funk. No, not the funk you might be thinking about. Not sitting-in-the-same-place-for-two-hours-while-doing-nothing-funk. We're talking good funk. Red-White-and-Blue-ball-funk.

The site has profiles of the ABA's more notable stars, such as Julius Erving, Connie Hawkins, and George Gervin, and team profiles -- including links to fan sites, fashion and afro sections, trivia and galleries that offer a peek at uniforms, warmups, pennants and logo.

By far the most impressive aspect is the archives, which have complete game results -- including leading scorers, attendance and standings of each of the ABA's nine seasons.

There also are links to fans sites dedicated to other defunct professional sports leagues such as the World Hockey Association and the World Hockey League.

Upon further review

The site's front page is in paragraph form, which makes it somewhat difficult to find specifics such as teams or players.


The site has a very crisp, clean and professional look, with a ridiculous amount of information for what is basically a fan site. If you're feeling the funk, spend some time at this site.


out of 5

Just Surfing

While Hines Ward has played the so called "slash" role in the Steelers' offense, he has no place for hyphens.

Some gremlins found their way into the process of newspaper magic, and a stray hyphen found it's way into the address of Ward's new Web site, http://www.myhouse86.com when published in the Post-Gazette a few weeks ago.

Yahoo's buzz index (what is requested the most on Yahoo's search engine) has been struck with a bit of footballitis itself. Days after the United States' victory against heavy favorite Portugal June 13, the World Cup was the highest requested search. The primary competition you ask? Musician R. Kelly, who was recently indicted on charges of child pornography.

Whoever said computers don't make mistakes apparently never tried to use Todd MacCulloch, Aaron Williams or Jason Collins to guard Shaquille O'Neal.

The Xbox recently simulated the NBA Finals on NBA Inside Drive 2003 and their simulation apparently didn't figure in on the Lakers playing any starters, because the defending champions had to go to seven games to fend off the Nets. Full results can be viewed at the league officials Web site, http://www.nba.com.

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