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Pirates Q&A
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 Savran: Devils' superiority can come and go (5/19/2001)
 Savran: NHL, networks foul TV waters (5/12/2001)
 Savran: If Penguins adjust, Buffalo fried in 6 (5/5/2001)
 Savran: Draft decisions raise concerns (4/28/2001)
 Savran: Patrick's moves paying off now (4/21/2001)
 Savran: Penguins in same fix as '92 Pirates (4/14/2001)
 Savran: Bonifay blueprint lacking execution (4/7/2001)
 Savran: Hlinka steps up and takes charge (3/31/2001)
 Savran: Baseball caught in no-win situation (3/24/2001)
 Savran: Easy 3-point shot distorting game (3/17/2001)
 Savran: Ali-Frazier I had nation's attention (3/10/2001)
 Savran: Cup dreams rely on keeping Jagr (3/3/2001)
 Savran: Penguins' defense could use offense (2/24/2001)
 Savran: Pirates need to look within to improve (2/18/2001)
 Savran: XFL succeeds in being unlike NFL (2/11/2001)
 Savran: Penguins need to learn how to use their newfound muscle (2/4/2001)
 Savran: There is a lot not to like about these Baltimore Ravens (1/28/2001)
 Savran: For Penguins, Selig, it's a matter of size (1/21/2001)
 Savran: Before you give up on Stewart, take a good look around (1/14/2001)
 Savran: Take a good look at Penguins before leaping on bandwagon (1/7/2001)

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