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Pirates Q&A
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 Savran: 'Bettor' believe Irish no good (10/6/2001)
 Savran: Proper perspective, passion can coexist (9/29/2001)
 Savran: NFL should admit it's all about cash (9/22/2001)
 Savran: Right or wrong not the reason (9/15/2001)
 Savran: Pirates could see future if they tried (9/8/2001)
 Savran: First Cup run most memorable (9/1/2001)
 Savran: Drops not product of new offense (8/25/2001)
 Savran: Stewart is it, like it or not (8/18/2001)
 Savran: Burress, Zereoue keys to offense (8/11/2001)
 Savran: Littlefield makes good impression (8/4/2001)
 Savran: Littlefield can't afford mistake (7/28/2001)
 Savran: Foreign market cornered in baseball (7/21/2001)
 Savran: Many holes to fill in Patrick's puzzle (7/14/2001)
 Savran: Questions to make or break a season (7/7/2001)
 Savran: Taking less for Jagr is more than wise (6/30/2001)
 Savran: Screening worst, best sports movies (6/23/2001)
 Savran: Pirates botched Indians' blueprint (6/16/2001)
 Savran: Time for Pirates to break up team (6/9/2001)
 Savran: Casey case didn't merit all this fuss (6/2/2001)
 Savran: Penguins' new era can't include Jagr (5/26/2001)

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