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Pirates Q&A
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 Savran: Future depends on Patrick's deals (3/9/2002)
 Savran: Steelers can't wait to make their move (3/2/2002)
 Savran: The joke is on us: NHL won't change (2/23/2002)
 Savran: Less said the better for Lemieux (2/16/2002)
 Savran: Did contraction distract baseball? (2/9/2002)
 Savran: Was real Edwards finally exposed? (2/2/2002)
 Savran: Patriots' will can't be ignored (1/26/2002)
 Savran: Winner tomorrow will get last word (1/19/2002)
 Savran: Top-notch rookie like Bell big asset (1/12/2002)
 Savran: Penguins, Patrick caught in a bind (1/5/2002)
 Savran: Give Stewart credit for growing up (12/29/2001)
 Savran: Steelers must fix red-zone problem (12/15/2001)
 Savran: NHL should skip Olympics (12/8/2001)
 Savran: Should winning decide tenure? (12/1/2001)
 Savran: Kordell's progress simply impressive (11/24/2001)
 Savran: Steelers score big with free agents (11/17/2001)
 Savran: Eliminating teams isn't the answer (11/10/2001)
 Savran: Penguins getting their wish, sort of (11/3/2001)
 Savran: Hlinka's ouster was sure thing (10/20/2001)
 Savran: Steelers' theory doesn't pass muster (10/13/2001)

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