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Pirates Q&A
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 Savran: It's time players step to the plate (8/3/2002)
 Savran: Trading Fetters isn't rebuilding (7/27/2002)
 Savran: Woods' best stance is with a golf club (7/20/2002)
 Savran: Blame Bud chant is way out of tune (7/13/2002)
 Savran: All-Star Game no longer a classic (7/6/2002)
 Savran: Indians' big trade model for Pirates? (6/29/2002)
 Savran: Steelers' today eclipses tomorrow (6/22/2002)
 Savran: Steelers' Rooney good to his word (6/15/2002)
 Savran: Expos owed dose of Pirates revenge (6/8/2002)
 Savran: Steroid issue becomes PR plot (6/1/2002)
 Savran: Baseball schedule in need of repair (5/25/2002)
 Savran: Pirates' offense hitting a new low (5/18/2002)
 Savran: Tax money gives Steelers big boost (5/11/2002)
 Savran: One man's thrill another's boredom (5/4/2002)
 Savran: Steelers might have dropped the ball (4/27/2002)
 Savran: Will Farrior be tough enough? (4/20/2002)
 Savran: Get facts right before bashing (4/13/2002)
 Savran: Don't be too quick to judge Pirates (4/6/2002)
 Savran: Pirates must pay 'em, not play 'em (3/30/2002)
 Savran: Holmes situation about money? (3/16/2002)

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