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 Savran: Bettis' role needs some re-evaluation (1/4/2003)
 Savran: Sideline reporters needless intrusion (12/28/2002)
 Savran: Separate decisions needed for Rose (12/14/2002)
 Savran: BCS folks need to take a stand (12/7/2002)
 Savran: Maddox best option at quarterback (11/30/2002)
 Savran: Pitt loss to Miami still hit grace note (11/23/2002)
 Savran: Blame the players, not the coaches (11/16/2002)
 Savran: Time for Perry to join WPIAL (11/9/2002)
 Savran: Lemieux setting shining example (11/2/2002)
 Savran: Low-rated Series late show for most (10/26/2002)
 Savran: QB controversy gets hot after '02 (10/19/2002)
 Savran: Penguins forget future, go for now (10/12/2002)
 Savran: Message delivered, but was it heard? (10/5/2002)
 Savran: Steelers lose way to easy street (9/28/2002)
 Savran: Baseball needs weighted schedule (9/21/2002)
 Savran: There was only one Johnny U (9/14/2002)
 Savran: Blame the NBA for U.S. downfall (9/7/2002)
 Savran: Now hear this: It's Stewart's show (8/31/2002)
 Savran: It might be crime, but strike is needed (8/17/2002)
 Savran: Preparation is key for both sides (8/10/2002)

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