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Pirates Q&A
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 Madden: Penguins on right route under Olczyk's direction (11/1/2003)
 Madden:Steelers' talent overstated; need to rebuild cannot be (10/29/2003)
 Madden: If you miss Fleury play, you'll kick yourself later (10/25/2003)
 Madden: It's unlikely that The Bus will reroute lost Steelers (10/22/2003)
 Madden: All that timely choking made the playoffs great (10/18/2003)
 Steelers bye is good news; the rest is bad, and worse (10/15/2003)
 Madden: Hall spots for greatest teams would be super for Steelers (10/11/2003)
 Madden: Steelers need relevance; Maddox needs insurance (10/8/2003)
 Madden: Limbaugh flap makes ESPN brass look bad (10/4/2003)
 Madden: Not everyone's sympathy extends to Cubs, Red Sox (10/1/2003)
 Madden: Finding Mario's linemates not always an easy task (9/27/2003)
 Madden: Penguins could achieve goals with phenom in net (9/24/2003)
 Madden: It's a half-empty outlook for Women's World Cup (9/20/2003)
 Madden: Bruener could help get offense out of a tight spot (9/17/2003)
 Madden: Clarett's situation puts NCAA in bad light, too (9/13/2003)
 Madden: Maybe coach Cowher knows what he's doing? (9/10/2003)
 Madden: Harris makes wrong calls in Rutherford matter (9/6/2003)
 Madden: Liverpool, Pittsburgh sports scenes have lots in common (9/3/2003)
 Madden: No conspiracy; Cowher made right call on Bettis (8/27/2003)
 Madden: It didn't take much guts to move Bettis to bench (8/23/2003)

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