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Monday, March 11, 2002

Uncorked & Uncut

The past was pulsating Friday night as party-goers jammed the Senator John Heinz Pittsburgh Regional History Center for the annual benefit.

Chuck Herring with Christine, Matt Harbaugh and Jane Meacci.
(John Heller, Post-Gazette)

History Uncorked unleashed a sold-out crowd of 1,700 willing to mingle and migrate through the exhibits and the silent auction. Of course, the most popular spots were the bars. Loosening up with a choice of libations and the Boiler Maker Jazz Band were co-chairs Matt Harbaugh (with Jane Meacci) and Ann Marie Merrell, Chuck "Grammar" Man" Herring with Christine, Marty Smith with Judy Gwin, Francois Bitz, Eric Mungai, Anja Skinner, Greg Scott and Dana Allen, Jim Fellin, Julie Weniger, John O'Rorke, Julie Mauder, Barb Wolfe, Lorraine Pantone with fiance Daniel Marks, Betsy Friedman, Robert DeOrio and Niccole Cook.

-- Patricia Sheridan

Veritas Viennese

An elegant evening in the tradition of Vienna's Gemutlichkeit had the foyer of the Carnegie Music Hall twinkling Friday with candlelight and the sound of music from this composers' paradise.

Debs and escorts (top) Ernest Lessenger and Maura Nowalk and (bottom) Kristina Frick and Thomas Gilbert.
(Franka Bruns, Post-Gazette)

The Austrian American Cultural Society's annual Viennese Ball, chaired by Cynthia Mustari, featured the presentation of 18 debutantes. Waltzing the night away with their dashing escorts in black tie and tails were Kristina Frick with Thomas Gilbert, Maura Nowalk with Ernest Lessenger, Amanda Craver with Seamus Delaney, Lindsey Zettle with Max Zettle, Jamie Fischerkeller with Mark Mitro, Signe McLaughlin with Patrick Grof-Tisza, Dina Del Pizzo with Greg Isacco, Katelyn Wood with Behzad Izadbakhsh, Rebecca Balog with Alexander Heit, Catherine Garger with Paul Mustari, Allison Cook with Brandon Coulter and Erica Kathleen Siefken with Patrick Griffin.

-- P.S.

Octogenarian Olympian

Eighty for eighty. That's how the party was planned for Olympian Herbert Douglas Jr.'s 80th birthday celebration at the Duquesne Club Saturday night.

Charles Jenkins, Herbert Douglas Jr., Harrison Dillard and Mal Whitfield.
(Jasmine Gehris, Post-Gazette)

Eighty guests, one for each year of Douglas' meritorious life, were invited. As the first native Pittsburgher to win an Olympic medal (a bronze for the long jump in 1948) and one of the first three African-Americans to hold an executive position in a major corporation, he had a lot to celebrate. Looking as fit as ever, Douglas enjoyed catching up with other former track and field Olympians and friends Harrison Dillard (four gold medals, two in 1948 and two in 1952), Mal Whitfield (two gold medals and a bronze in 1948 and a gold and silver in 1952) and Charles Jenkins (two gold medals, one in 1948 and one in 1956). Morton Reifer, president of Schieffelin and Somerset Co., who hired Douglas in 1963, was among the guests, as were Gloria and John Brown, Kathleen and Jim O'Brien, Olympic gold medalist Roger Kingdom, Jimmy Joe Robinson with Betty, and Pitt's Vice Chancellor for Public Affairs Robert Hill.

-- P.S.

An Evening With Maya Angelou

Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh and Mellon Financial Corp. presented "An Evening With Maya Angelou" last Sunday at Carnegie Music Hall.

Herb Elish, Maya Angelou and Marty McGuinn.
(Jasmine Gehris, Post-Gazette)

Before her performance, Angelou met with a few donors and supporters backstage while patrons mingled during a cocktail reception in the music hall foyer. WTAE's Sally Wiggin served as honorary chair and emcee for the evening, which was chaired by Lou and Kathy Testoni to benefit Carnegie Library. It's director, Herb Elish, who has done so much to refresh the institution, was there with his wife, Eloise Hirsh, and with Mellon CEO and sponsor Marty McGuinn and Ann. Listening to the poet, historian, author, actress, producer, director and activist were Marcia and Stanley Gumberg, Carol Robinson, Lynn and Ron Davenport, Nancy and Tim Merrill, Esther Bush and Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh Foundation director Jacqueline Flanagan.

Gift of Life

CEO of National City Bank Tom Golonski joined Dr. Jerry McCauley, Dr. Franklin Schiebel and RNs Mary Bird and Mary Jo Grosso at the Duquesne Club Saturday for the National Kidney Foundation's Fifteenth Annual Gift of Life Awards Dinner.

Elaine Effort, Dick Jewell and Jane Barrett.
(Jasmine Gehris, Post-Gazette)

As honorees, they were hailed for their commitment to improve the quality of life, giving others a reason to live and party. Emcee and past chair Dick Jewell socialized with transplant recipient Jane Barrett and volunteers including KQV's Elaine Effort, Debra Humphries, Felicia Bonner and Gloria Spencer. Among those enjoying drinks and dialogue before dinner were City Council President Gene Ricciardi with Lynn, director Bonnie Gorman, Brian and Susan Broznick, Margaret Washington, Bill Newlin (with Ann) and Dr. Ron Shapiro.

-- P.S.

Artistic Diversity

Looking resplendent in a trim maroon jacket and black slacks, a beaming Phyllis Moorman Goode, founding chair of the Multicultural Arts Initiative, accepted a tribute Wednesday from that organization while sharing her spotlight with all who'd contributed to the organization's success.

Oliver Byrd, Phyllis Moorman Goode and Bill Trueheart.
(Annie O'Neill, Post-Gazette)

At the sleek Bossa Nova, the evening's glow extended over the august crowd that included George Miles, Pittsburgh Foundation President and CEO Bill Trueheart and wife Carol Word, Sala Udin, Carol Brown, MCAI chairman Oliver Byrd, director Beverly Portis and executive committee member Nancy Washington. Husband Bob Goode, sister Joyce Moorman Lee and friend Renee Daniel looked on with approval. A rousing performance by the fab children of Nego Gato and passionate recitation of a poem by Vanessa German that she wrote for Goode were among many cultural highlights. Tasting the tapas were the Rev. Harold Lewis and the Rev. Jason Barr, Common Pleas Judge Cynthia Baldwin, Valerie McDonald Roberts, Janet Sarbaugh and Jo-Anne Bates with son Steven of WAMO.

- Mary Thomas

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