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Pirates GM Search: Wren stays with Braves

Wednesday, July 04, 2001

By Paul Meyer, Post-Gazette Sports Writer

CINCINNATI -- Frank Wren will not be the Pirates' new general manager.

Wren, assistant to Atlanta General Manager John Schuerholz, and Pirates owner Kevin McClatchy yesterday ended discussions about Wren taking the job.

"We definitely explored things, but we didn't make a formal offer in writing," McClatchy said. "Frank said his dream job one day is to be the general manager of the Atlanta Braves. At that point, we felt there was no reason to explore it further."

Schuerholz is expected to step down as the Braves' general manager after the 2002 season. However, Wren reportedly received no guarantee he'll succeed Schuerholz.

"It came down to my feeling that I want to stay here in Atlanta and pursue the opportunity here and see where it leads," Wren said. "It was a very difficult decision. [The Pirates] have a lot to offer. Kevin McClatchy seems like an outstanding person to work for. There's not anything not to like about the opportunity there."

McClatchy, who won't interview any candidates today, said the process will continue, and he believes it's still possible to have a new general manager in place at the All-Star break.

"If I can find the right person," he said. "We'll push on. We'll get it done. I just don't know when."

McClatchy indicated he'll interview as many five people he hasn't yet interviewed and that he might grant second interviews to one or two candidates.

The Pirates have received permission to interview some of those five new candidates.

McClatchy previously interviewed Tim Purpura, assistant to Houston General Manager Gerry Hunsicker; David Wilder, assistant to Milwaukee General Manager Dean Taylor; and Mike Arbuckle, the Philadelphia Phillies' scouting and player development director.

Other candidates who might be interviewed now include Wayne Krivsky, assistant to Minnesota General Manager Terry Ryan; Ned Colletti, assistant to San Francisco General Manager Brian Sabean; and J.P. Ricciardi, assistant to Oakland General Manager Billy Beane.

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