Subscription Rates

Below are the current Pittsburgh Post-Gazette subscription rates. To start your subscription now, click here.

Print Subscription Rates Weekly 3 Month 6 Month 1 Year
7-Day $6.25 $81.25 $162.50 $325.00
5-Day Weekend (Wed-Sun) $5.30 $68.90 $137.80 $275.60
Sunday $3.25 $42.25 $84.50 $169.00
Digital Subscription Rates EZ Pay 4 Week
All-Access Digital $9.95
Sports Apps Only $4.95
* longer terms available
Back copies Daily Sunday
Sent U.S. Mail $6.75 $7.75
Holiday & Bonus days

Pricing above does not include premium, holiday and bonus editions:

  • Holiday and bonus editions may be delivered on non-frequency days in areas where daily PG carrier service is available for Weekend and Sunday-only print subscribers. Seven day subscribers will automatically receive delivery of holiday and bonus editions. An additional premium charge may occur for this content for subscribers that is not reflected in the prices above and may result in shortening the length of your billing period. Additional days may be added. Subscribers can opt out of the holiday and bonus edition delivery by emailing

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