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Genealogy Info

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
Guide to genealogy and reference information

Genealogy-related articles on

Hemings descendants plan separate Jefferson reunion, 5/19/02

The power of 'Roots': Special celebrates 25th anniversary of landmark miniseries, 01/15/02

Map of O'Hara looks as though someone forgot to connect the dots, 01/09/02

County's first Presbyterian church celebrates 225 years, 11/31/01

Duquesne family's Slovak heritage is captured in her book, 08/29/01

Soldiers & Sailors hall winning war on neglect, 08/13/01

History in Decay: How the city and the county are neglecting our heritage, 08/12/01

Ancestral search results in deeper connection, 7/22/01

Genealogy, too, getting big assist from Net on searches, 7/22/01

Photo leads woman into life of adopted sister's sibling, 7/15/01

Born in jail, woman hunts for lost family, 6/17/01

Carrick man seeks mystery relatives in North Hills, 6/13/01

35 miles, 24 years apart, 2 brothers reunite, rejoice, 6/8/01

Wanted: his birth parents, 6/7/01

Historical society preserves, uses Gallagher House, 2/25/01

Washington resident says she's the great-great-great-granddaughter of Thomas Jefferson and Sally Hemings, 1/28/01

Greene County is reconstructing its log courthouse built in 1796, 12/10/00

Wendell August Forge's hand-hammered aluminum carries on 77-year tradition, 11/26/00

Fanfare surrounds visit of Carnegie kin from Scotland, 10/20/00

Frick foundation, relatives dispute location of archives, 10/13/00

David Templeton's Seldom Seen: Phone call leads family to find hero in its ranks, 10/8/00

Living in an ancestor's house provides a memory-filled existence, 9/16/00

Helping African-Americans trace roots of family trees, 6/8/00

House historian unlocks doors to the past, 7/29/00

Ancestral research booming on the Internet, 5/11/00

Museum preserves history in 19th-century photography, 5/3/00

Conference will trace the history of Italian-Americans in region, 4/10/00

10 U.S. presidents had Irish ancestors 3/17/00

Obituary: Lyle Brooks Watson Marquess / Venerated genealogist, author, teacher, 2/17/00

Slavery complicates family history, 2/16/00

Holocaust survivor turned American soldier adds role of memoirist, 2/8/00

Descendant makes a case for Simon Girty, 12/29/99

Midweek Perspectives: Pittsburgh's immigrant generation has a story to tell - to you, 11/10/99

Pittsburgh's 'invisible' Latinos are emerging as part of a national population explosion, 10/3/99

Ellsworth woman is the last living child of a Little Bighorn survivor, 9/19/99

Iron Workers Project to build on information from families 8/11/99

First Person: As we study our large extended family, we understand a region's story, 7/31/99

Family historians find their way with help from Mormon records, 4/5/99

Old county maps shine light onto past, 1/18/99

Pioneer ancestors' cookbook a delicious family legacy, 1/28/99

Columnist Barbara Cloud: A case full of family history, 10/18/98

An oral history project documents the lives of Italian Americans in Western Pennsylvania, 9/29/98

Jewish priestly line maintains legacy -- and genetic marker, 9/19/98

Long-lost German cousins visit Valencia for reunion, 8/11/98

Amateur genealogists get help drawing family trees from CD-ROMs and Web sites, 4/3/98

Knowing ancestors' medical histories can help track risks for developing an inherited disease, 2/17/98

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