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News Links
provide a guide to Internet resources
for articles published in the Post-Gazette.
In addition, has assembled Internet Guide Pages
with Web links related to issues and events in the news --
some serious, some not so serious.
In both cases, the links serve as a starting point
and are not intended to represent all resources available.

Internet Guide Pages

News Links

dot.gif (78 bytes) Episcopal controversy -- Controversy in the Episcopal Church over the consecration of bishops, as reported by PG staff writer Ann Rodgers-Melnick,  leads naturally to the 'Net for more information. Here are some starting points for resources:
The official site of the Episcopal Church
The official site of the worldwide Anglican Communion
A theologically liberal Web site with comprehensive posts on the Singapore consecrations is the Anglican Pages of Louis Crew.  Click on "Reports & Events."
A theologically conservative site monitoring news of the consecrations.
A lengthy online interview with Bishop John Rodgers is at another conservative Episcopal site.
Episcotalk, a polite, bi-partisan online discussion group.

dot.gif (78 bytes) Saturday Night Live -- The show's been around for 25 years. Take a look back with the PG's Barbara Vancheri, then take a look on the Web for more:
The official NBC Saturday Night Live site
Saturday Night Live - An unofficial site
Saturday Night Live Cast Net
Another unofficial SNL page
Saturday Night Live FAQ list

dot.gif (78 bytes) Medical marijuana
A federal panel finds that marijuana's active ingredients may have medical value for treating cancer and AIDS patients, and that they don't necessarily lead to other drug use. PG Washington Correspondent Judy Packer-Tursman has the details. News Links looks to the Web for more:
National Academy of Sciences
Marijuana is NOT a medicine

dot.gif (78 bytes) Sleep tight
When middle-aged and elderly people suffer from chronic insomnia, long-term relief can't be found in a pill bottle, a new study says. PG medical writer Anita Srikameswaran looks at the research, and News Links hopes you'll stay awake for a web search at:
American Sleep Disorders Association
Doctor's Guide to Insomnia Information and Resources
National Sleep Foundation

dot.gif (78 bytes) Memories of Helen Clay Frick
PG staff writer Monica L. Haynes talks to a former nurse to Helen Clay Frick, now a docent at Clayton, the Frick estate, featured on a new installment of "America's Castles" on A&E television. Read the stories, then join News Links on the Web:
The Frick Collection ad Frick Art Reference Library
Henry Clay Frick Fine Arts Library Web Site
Henry Clay Frick Book Review
The Frick Art and Historical Center
A&E Guide to America's Castles

dot.gif (78 bytes) Wilde thing
A rich and influential man accused of immoral acts must defend himself in public hearings wracked with legalisms, subterfuge, skullduggery and a media circus that affects the outcome of the trial. Sound familiar? PG Staff Writer John Hayes has the stage preview of  "Gross Indecency: The Three Trials of Oscar Wilde." The Web has a Wilde side as well:
Wilde on the Web
The Oscar Wilde Random Quote Generator
The 100th Anniversary of the Trials of Oscar Wilde
The World-Wide Wilde Web

dot.gif (78 bytes) Happy New Year
It's the Year of the Rabbit, and PG Staff Writer Gene Collier joins a Monroeville family for the food and tradition that bring in a Chinese New Year. Read more about the Chinese holiday on the Web, courtesy of News Links:
Chinese Historical and Cultural Project
Chinese Firecracker Art
Free Chinese New Year Electronic Greeting Cards

dot.gif (78 bytes) Care for the aged
The Post-Gazette spoke with seven authorities from the aging field, asking each one how they'd handle familiar caregiving scenarios for their own parents. Read what they told PG staff writer Diana Block. Then follow News Links for some Web resources on aging, at:
American Association of Homes and Services for the Aging
Department of Health and Human Services, Administration on Aging
Pennsylvania Aging Sites Index
The Gerontology Center at Penn State

dot.gif (78 bytes) Saving a life
More than 60 percent of childhood cardiac arrests occur at home in the presence of family members, but witnesses start CPR only in one out of five of these cases. Post-Gazette medical writer Anita Srikameswaran examines the issue, and News Links finds help on the Web:
Learn CPR
Health Net Principles of CPR
The American Heart Association

dot.gif (78 bytes) A booster for autism awareness
It's not well known about Pittsburgh sports broadcaster Myron Cope, but he has  worked tirelessly to raise funds and boost awareness for autism. PG Staff Writer Gene Collier has his story. You can find more information on the Web about this disease at:
The Autism Society of America
Autism Resources
The World of Autism: Personal Autism Links on the Internet
The Autism Society of Pittsburgh

dot.gif (78 bytes) A healthy pet
As dogs age, some get the canine version of Alzheimer's disease, from disorientation and confusion to personality changes. Today's Health takes a look at that problem and other canine health issues. And News Links unleashes the web to find advice on pet care. Try these sites for starters:
Net Vet Veterinary Resources
AltVetMed - Complementary and Alternative Veterinary Medicine
American Veterinary Medical Association
The Senior Dogs Project

dot.gif (78 bytes) More than just a pretty face
From liposuction to dermabrasion, plastic surgery is growing in popularity as more and more cosmetic procedures become the norm. PG health writer Ellen Mazo provides an overview. And News Links cuts to the chase for more information:
Plastic Surgery Network
The American Society of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons - The Plastic Surgery Website

dot.gif (78 bytes) A real laughing matter
A growing body of research is showing that humor has real value in helping  people recover from illness. PG staff writer Gary Rotstein takes a serious look. The Web is no joke either, when it comes to resources. Take these Web sites, please:
International Center for Humor and Health
The American Association for Theraputic Humor

dot.gif (78 bytes) Little people, big decisions
A North Side family finds room for a second dwarf child through adoption, and Post-Gazette staff writer Gretchen McKay writes about their growing family. offers resources on dwarfism on the Web:
Everything about dwarfism
Little People of America Online

dot.gif (78 bytes) Getting into the swing
The PG's Diana Nelson Jones steps into the Pittsburgh swing dancing scene, and News Links, of course, is ready to put its best foot forward:
The U.S. Swing Dancing Server
Swing Dancing Links
Frank and Carole review the 'Burgh

dot.gif (78 bytes) The language of the brain
The Center for the Neural Basis of Cognition in Oakland is studying the problem of how the adult mind learns and perceives sounds. PG staff writer Sharon Voas has the story, and has some links:
Brain Research
The Brain Lab

dot.gif (78 bytes) Wrestling with the past
Killer Kowalski looks back at his career as a wrestling bad guy during a trip to Pittsburgh  to support the national Cauliflower Alley Club, a nonprofit charitable organization made up of wrestlers, boxers and movie actors. Read the story by the PG's Milan Simonich, then bounce into the ring on the Web:
The World Wrestling Federation
The Ultimate Wrestling Real Name List (Who are these guys, anyway?)
The Mat - Amateur Wrestling

dot.gif (78 bytes) Unity against hate
When it comes to fighting hate and discrimination, gay and lesbian groups should join forces with other organizations, says Mandy Carter, a national political activist and black lesbian. Carter brings her message to Pittsburgh for a National Gay and Lesbian Task Force conference. Read PG Staff Writer Jan Ackerman's  story, then check the Web for more:
The National Gay and Lesbian Task Force Online
The Pittsburgh Conference

dot.gif (78 bytes) Iron poisoning
A new Hemochromatosis Center at UPMC Presbyterian treats victims of chronic iron poisoning. Read the story in Your Health, then check resources on the Web at:
The   Hemochromatosis Home Page
The American Liver Foundation
American Hemochromatosis Society

dot.gif (78 bytes) Facing the past
The PG's Sally Kalson covers an exhibit of photographs dealing with the aftermath of the holocaust. Find out about related topics on the Web:
Director/Photographer Edward Serotta
Survivors of the SHOAH
The Holocaust Martyrs' and Heroes' Remembrance Authority

dot.gif (78 bytes) The parent trap
PG columnist Tony Norman reflects on a report that DNA evidence supports the theory that Thomas Jefferson fathered a child with one of his slaves, Sally Hemings. You can do some of your own investigating on the Web, at:
Jefferson-Hemings DNA Testing: An On-Line Resource
Thomas Jefferson Online Resources at the University of Virginia

dot.gif (78 bytes) Grand-parenting
Some grandparents have put their golden years on hold as they have begun another child-rearing cycle -- this time it's their grandchildren. PG staffers LaMont Jones and Jean Bryant examine the issue. Find additional resources on the Web at:
Grand's Place
Grandparent Again

dot.gif (78 bytes) Making a good impression
Post-Gazette Art and Architecture Critic Donald Miller calls it the blockbuster exhibition of the year. It's  "Van Gogh's Van Goghs" at the National Gallery of Art, the largest showing of his work outside of the Netherlands in more than 25 years. If you can't make, check these Web sources:
The National Gallery of Art
The Vincent Van Gogh Information Gallery
Vincent Van Gogh - A Handshake in Thought

dot.gif (78 bytes) A 'Dream' revisited
If Martin Luther King Jr. had the opportunity to deliver his "I Have a Dream" speech before audiences today, it would be a little different, according to PG columnist Tony Norman. And that leads to some Web resources on King and his life, at:
Text of the "I Have a Dream" Speech
The Martin Luther King, Jr. Papers Project
National Civil Rights Museum

dot.gif (78 bytes) A 'Beloved' project
After a decade of work, Oprah Winfrey has turned Toni Morrison's novel, "Beloved," into the movie she knew it could become. Read her thoughts on the project, then turn to the Web for more on Oprah, the institution, and the book: - The Show
The Web Page of Toni Morrison's "Beloved"

dot.gif (78 bytes) Eating disorder
The cultural ideal of a thin, athletic figure may not be what drives some people to engage in binge eating and purging. New research suggests biological factors may be at least partly responsible for this eating disorder, called bulimia nervosa. On the Web, offers some places to look for more information:
The American Anorexia/Bulimia Association, Inc.
Anorexia Nervosa and Related Eating Disorders, Inc.
Related Links

dot.gif (78 bytes) Gorillas found
Two groups of rare mountain gorillas first studied by Dian Fossey have been found in good condition in east Africa a year after animal researchers were driven out by rebel fighting. There are many Web sites devoted to this and related causes at:
Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund

The Gorilla Foundation
The Great Ape Project

dot.gif (78 bytes) Smooth talking
The PG's Your Health examines the problem of stuttering, and how new treatments can help. News Links finds more information on the Web at:
The National Center For Stuttering
The Stuttering Penpals Page
The Stuttering Home Page

dot.gif (78 bytes) Looking for an aftershock
Three teams of seismologists try to track the aftershocks of an earthquake in the region, but find their work all too quiet. On the Web, however, stalking earthquakes is easier, at:
National Earthquake Information Center
Ohio-Pennsylvania Border Earthquake
The World-Wide Earthquake Locator

dot.gif (78 bytes) Not quite Napa Valley
There are about 60 wineries in Pennsylvania, including about 10 that have opened in the past few years. PG staff writer Cristina Rouvalis looks at the press for profits. And, of course, finds some sites to stomp on:
Guide to Pennsylvania Wineries
Doc Grog's Pennsylvania Wine Page
Wineries in Pennsylvania
The Wine Mine
And just for fun, the Stop Global Whining site

dot.gif (78 bytes) An ancient rite
Post-Gazette staff writer Steve Levin examines the ancient rites of Judaism surrounding Yom Kippur. On the web, The Cyber Home of Torah   is a resource for Jews.

dot.gif (78 bytes) Coping with a child's illness
Another story in the occasional series on Alex Myers, 7, and his family, and how they cope with Alex's acute lymphoblastic leukemia. Here are some resources on the disease on the Web:
The Leukemia Society of America
Cancer Forums: Consumer Discussion Group
American Association for Cancer Research

dot.gif (78 bytes) The Ghana connection
The president of Ghana, Jerry John Rawlings, visits Pittsburgh to spread the word about the economic renaissance in West Africa.  The PG's Ervin Dyer writes about his visit, and takes you to the Web for more on Ghana.
The "Hello Ghana" Home Page
Republic of Ghana
Welcome to Ghana - Official Site

dot.gif (78 bytes) Anger can be good
Researchers are finding that women who hide their angry feelings from others tend to have thickened carotid arteries of the neck, increasing the risk of stroke and other cardiovascular disease in later life. PG medical writer Anita Srikameswaran reports. Related Web sites include:
Psychosomatic Medicine -- Just an abstract from the journal that reports the study - no complete article for visitors. (Doesn't that make you angry?)
Heart Information Network
American Heart Association

dot.gif (78 bytes) The golden years
Senior health and lifestyle issues get a look from the PG's Sharon Voas - "It's never too late to reap the benefits of a new lifestyle" -- and Gary Rotstein -- "Pittsburgh centers implement senior fitness programs." The Web, of course, is being increasingly populated by seniors. Here are some places to continue the search for information on aging and senior lifestyles:
The American Association of Retired People
National Aging Information Center Web Site

dot.gif (78 bytes) The Kecksburg links
Since the uncertain events of Dec. 9, 1965, debate has raged over what crash-landed that day in the rural village of Kecksburg, Westmoreland County.  Check the PG story by staff writer David Templeton. And start your own investigation on the Web:
The Kecksburg Crash
UFO Topics
UFOLOGY Society International

dot.gif (78 bytes) The evolution of beer
Beer -- a historic food and beverage -- draws a heady look by the PG's Bob Batz Jr. Seems the brew has a long and illustrious history. And if you want sip and search, the 'Net is the place. Hop around these links to find out more:
The Ultimate Internet Beer Guide
Cheap Beer Server
The Beer Info Source

dot.gif (78 bytes) The blood business
Post-Gazette health writer Ellen Mazo reports that although the giving of blood has always been a community responsibility, it has become a business endeavor.  For information in a different vein, check the Web:
The American Association of Blood Banks
BLOOD, a journal of the American Society of Hematology
BloodLine - The Online Hematology Resource

 dot.gif (78 bytes) Monkey business
It was a zoo in Export this week.  But Tina Fisher  who owns Bella, a 2-year-old Japanese snow monkey, says her family pet couldn't have harmed anyone during its few hours of freedom on Filmore Street.  Ginny Kopas tells what fun happened when the monkey got out of the barrel.  Want to know more about monkeys and their relatives? Try these sites:
Best Pet Monkey site
Monkey see
Monkey hear
Monkey do

dot.gif (78 bytes) Virtual view of arteries
Pitt researchers David Vorp and M.L. Raghavan seek a method for producing a "virtual" image of aortic aneurysms.  Once perfected, their method could help doctors decide when surgery is required.  You can find more information about aneurysms at:
More about veins and arteries
Massachusetts General Hospital/Harvard Medical School brain aneurysm program
Aneurysm Information Project

dot.gif (78 bytes) HIV / AIDS   threatens black communities
Desiree Davis, a volunteer with Minority AIDS Working Group,  takes her campaign against the deadly virus into the bars, clubs, stores and residences of Homewood.   Blacks have suffered 35 percent of all recorded cases in Allegheny County since 1981.  Staff writers Steve Levin and Angela Agoawike write about the scope of the problem and the people who are trying to solve it.  You can find more information about HIV/AIDS at:
HIV Newsline
Community-based AIDS research
Community AIDS Treatment Information Exchange

dot.gif (78 bytes) Collecting Haitian Art
Bill Bollendorf didn't set out to be an art collector. But how he became one is a story every bit as quirky and colorful as the Haitian paintings that dot the walls of his Highland Park home. You can read Bette McDevitt's account or check out these sites on the Web:
The Art of Haiti
Gallerie Macondo
Studio Wah
Haitian Crafts

dot.gif (78 bytes) Stroke repair attempt
Surgeons at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center have transplanted   brain cells into a stroke patient in an attempt to repair brain damage. Strokes are the third leading cause of death and the leading cause of serious long-term disability in the United States. To learn more about strokes here are some places to look:
National Stroke Association "Stroke Facts"
National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke

dot.gif (78 bytes) Prisoner Protection
The U.S. Supreme Court rules that the Americans With Disabilities Act protects prisoners in state institutions as well as everyone else. If you don't know much about this wide-ranging law, here are some places to find out:
U.S. Department of Justice ADA Home Page
ADA Information Center for the Mid-Atlantic Region

dot.gif (78 bytes) Tracking the storms
What better place to update your knowledge of tornadoes than on the fast moving Web? Read the PG chronology of the twisters that struck the Pittsburgh region, then try these web sites for more:
Twister Search '98
Tornado Project Online
Tornado Warning: Stalking Storms Online

dot.gif (78 bytes) Asthma and the environment
Congress is considering a ban on certain kinds of asthma inhalers, because the spray contains an ingredient that has been deemed harmful to the environment. The Pittsburgh Steelers' Jerome "Bus" Bettis, was one of those testifying about the issue. Find out more about asthma and related issues on the web, starting at:
The Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America
An Asthma and Allergy Magazine article

dot.gif (78 bytes) The universal misconception
In the PG's "Your Health," Ellen Mazo writes about breast cancer in men. Many cancer-related resources exist on the Web, and offers one specifically designed for the male cancer victim.

dot.gif (78 bytes) Rockabilly lives
The PG's Ed Masley writes about the rockabilly that won't quite die, and greases the way for fans to find more on the Web at the Rockabilly Homepage and the Rockabilly Hall of Fame.

dot.gif (78 bytes) A disease of silence
Osteoporosis is a disease that can be warded off with diet and exercise, but advice about taking those steps seems to be falling on deaf ears. For more details, turn to the National Osteoporosis Foundation on the Web.

dot.gif (78 bytes) Life or death
A survey of physicians shows that more than a third would assist in a patient's suicide if it were legal. On the Web, many sites deal with the issue from a variety of perspectives. To get started, try:
Euthanasia and Physician Assisted Suicide: All Sides
The International Anti-Euthanasia Task Force
Euthanasia Rights Guidance Organization

dot.gif (78 bytes) Remembering Linda McCartney
The death of Linda McCartney is a reminder that her life became much more than being the life of a "Beatle." From businesswoman to animal rights supporter, she was active in a variety of causes. Look for more information about her life on the Web at:
The Linda McCartney List Home Page
Article from The Vegetarian
Contemporary Beatle photos by Linda McCartney

dot.gif (78 bytes) The Underground Railroad
Secretary of the Interior Bruce Babbitt dedicates a home in Oberlin, Ohio, along the Underground Railroad route, as a national historic landmark. Trace this historic route at its National Park Service Web site. Or try the home of the National Underground Railroad Freedom Center.

dot.gif (78 bytes) A Pitt professor examines the nature and origins of the universe in a new book. If you want to travel deeper into space and cyberspace, try the NASA Origins page. For those interested in the debate over how it all got started, there's the Evolution vs. Creationism Home Page.

dot.gif (78 bytes) More teens are smoking
A new federal report says that more teen-agers are smoking. A few teens try to explain why they smoke. Meanwhile, you can find plenty of resources on the Web dealing with this issue:
The Centers for Disease Control's tobacco information page
The Canadian Health Department's Teen Smoking Page - written as a teen drama
The Master Anti-Smoking Page

dot.gif (78 bytes) Heart attacks and women
New studies demonstrate that women's heart attacks are treated less urgently than those of men. A Pennsylvania report says heart attack care is excellent in the state. And the American Heart Association has lots of related information.

dot.gif (78 bytes) Transplant regulations
Vowing to save more lives, the nation's top health official announces the first federal regulation for organ transplants, which would direct scarce organs to the sickest patients first regardless of where they live. Find out more at the home page for the National Organ Transplant Foundation, or TransWeb:  All About Transplantation and Donation.

dot.gif (78 bytes) Engendering debate
A new study casts doubt on the thinking that separate classes for girls helps them to learn. Here are some places to look at the issue on the Web:
Women's Educational Equity Resource Center
American Association of University Women

-- News Links items compiled by Jim White and Steve Karlinchak

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