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November 29, 2021
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Talkin' Bob Dylan's 60th Birthday
Robert Allen Zimmerman: born May 24, 1941, Duluth, Min.

60 reasons to be tangled up in Bob

A look at the legendary refrains of Dylan, on the occasion of his 60th birthday

By Scott Mervis
Weekend Editor, Post-Gazette

Deflecting full credit for his magnificent body of work, Bob Dylan once said he didn't really write all those songs, he just pulled them out of the air. And to that one can only say, well, that was some pretty rarefied air. Whether or not those words were just blowin' in the wind, when it comes to songwriters, there's Bob Dylan and there's everyone else.
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Essential Dylan
By Ed Masley
Post-Gazette Pop Music Critic

It isn't easy narrowing the revolutionary output of a man who, even after all these years, remains the most significant American rock 'n' roll icon of the post-Chuck Berry era (with apologies to Britney Spears) to 10 essential albums.
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He not busy bein' born is busy dyin'
By Tony Norman
Post-Gazette Columnist

Every day, I toil under two very large, framed posters of Bob Dylan and Miles Davis. Many deadlines have come and gone without a whisper from the Muse that inspired so much of their best work, dashing my theory of creative osmosis to smithereens once again.
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Voice of America

Wednesday, May 23, 2001

   Tomorrow Bob Dylan, the man who penned the words "I was so much older then / I'm younger than that now," will turn 60. As the acknowledged voice of his generation, Mr. Dylan's pre-eminence in popular culture has been beyond dispute for decades.
   Former President Bill Clinton credits Mr. Dylan with providing those who protested the Vietnam War with a moral compass as accessible as the nearest radio. Mr. Clinton conferred a Kennedy Center award on the singer-songwriter several years ago, but he wasn't the first president to invoke Mr. Dylan's name.
   When Jimmy Carter campaigned for the Democratic presidential nomination in 1976, he buttressed his anti- establishment candidacy by quoting 

Illustration by Stacy Innerst, PG

Personal myths elude Dylan biographer
By Scott Mervis
Weekend Editor, Post-Gazette

It's clear from the start of "Down the Highway: The Life of Bob Dylan" (Grove Press) that Howard Sounes did his homework when, recounting the singer-songwriter's early life, the author tells us what kind of furnace was used to warm the Dylan family household.
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                                         1969 (AP)

the man who once sang "don't follow leaders / and watch the parking meters."
   Perhaps wary of being co-opted, even by those who claim to love him, Mr. Dylan has mastered the fine art of zigzagging. The man who sang "Masters of War" with so much anti-military vitriol is the same man who performed at West Point decades later.

At 60, Bob Dylan is still his generation's troubadour

   Recently, the National Review, hardly a journal of '60s-era nostalgia mongering, published a long, rhapsodic piece about Dylan's positive influence on the culture. This is, indeed, a sign that Mr. Dylan has passed beyond the realm of Right/Left politics into the rarefied region of general acclaim.
   In turning 60, Mr. Dylan is within a few years of qualifying for Social Security retirement benefits. Fortunately, he is in no mood rush to start knockin' on heaven's door.

 Milton Glaser poster, c Artpost       With "Soy Bomb" prankster, 1998 Academy Awards  (AP) 

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