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June 18, 2021
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9/11: Never the same

Wednesday, September 11, 2002

One made it out of the World Trade Center alive and now wants to join the FBI.

Another lost her husband in the same place and has had to redefine what family means.

Somerset County Coroner Wallace Miller, near the site where United Flight 93 crashed last September. Click here for story. (Steve Mellon, Post-Gazette)

A soldier helped bring Christmas to Afghanistan.

A widow is determined that her daughter will not just know her father as a hero of Flight 93, but as the man who loved his little girl's every coo and gurgle.

These are just some of the stories in this special package that depict the heroism, loss, survival and hope that came from 9/11.

Flight 93, Shanksville

Lisa Beamer: Widow of Flight 93's Todd Beamer

Lisa Jefferson: Verizon operator who talked to Todd Beamer

Lyz Glick: Widow of Flight 93 passenger Jeremy Glick

John Shaw: Received a call from Flight 93

Alice Hoglan: Mother of Flight 93 victim

Ginny Knor: Salvation Army spokeswoman

Deena Burnett: Widow of Flight 93 victim

Susan Taylor: Prepared children in school for Flight 93's approach

Wallace Miller: Somerset County Coroner

World Trade Center

Jane Waldie Wrenshall: Sister of Flight 11 victim

Little Emerson Glick was just 3 months old when her father, Jeremy, died aboard United Flight 93, which crashed in Somerset County. Click here for story. (Steve Mellon, Post-Gazette)

Louanne Baily: Widow of Flight 11 victim

Judy Colfer: Escaped from the World Trade Center

Judy Colfer: Escaped from the World Trade Center

Paul S. Fogle: Duquesne Paramedic who went to New York to help

Maryann Colin: Widow of WTC victim

Nina Pineda: Reporter who covered WTC attack

Ryan Conti: Escaped from WTC

Vance Delsignore: OSHA Officer at WTC

The Pentagon

Stephanie Ross Dunn: Widow of Pentagon victim

Pittsburgh response

Farooq Hussaini: Oakland Islamic Center leader

Mary Beth Buchanan: U.S. Attorney

Bill Crowley: FBI spokesman

John Gardner: Stanton Heights school teacher

The Rev. Stu Boehmig: Pastor of Orchard Hill Church

Salam Ibrahim El Zaatari: Deported Muslim

Andrew Richards: Postal Inspector

Attila Molnar: Bayer Executive

David Gilbert: Restricted air travel for his employees

William Brustein: Helping Pitt students learn more about the Middle East

Leanne Schmidt: Allderdice High School essayist

Robert Ferrari: PennDOT license examiner

Kristin Montanti: Pittsburgh Foundation employee

Angel Billings: Massage Therapist who helped relief workers

Molly Rush: Head of the Thomas Merton Center

David J. DeCarlo: President of Matthews International's Bronze Division

Janet and Bill Wilbert: Parents of quadruplets born on 9/11

The Military

Samuel Watson: Bioterrorism Expert

Junius Harvey: Served in Afghanistan

Earl Tilford: Military history expert

Sgt. Dennis Lapic: Army history team

9/11 photo journals

Shanksville: One year later

9/11: Never the same

Other 9/11 coverage

9/11: One year later

Flight 93: 40 lives, one destiny

An index: PG coverage of the crash of Flight 93

Production credits

9/11: Never the same

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