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June 18, 2021
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David J. DeCarlo: President of Matthews International's Bronze Division

Wednesday, September 11, 2002

By Johnna Pro, Post-Gazette Staff Writer

Even a year later, David J. DeCarlo is still overwhelmed by the sheer number of people who visit the statue of a firefighter that Matthews International donated to New York City just days after the terrorist attacks there.

"It's just amazing to me. People wanted something to touch," said DeCarlo, president of the Pittsburgh firm's bronze division. "It does give you a good feeling to help in the grieving process."

The 2,700-pound statue was commissioned by firefighters in Missouri. But while it was sitting at John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York, Matthews thought it seemed only natural to donate the statue to New York.

The firefighters in Missouri agreed and by Sept. 17, it was in place at the Milford Plaza Hotel at 44th Street and 8th Avenues, where hundreds of people continue to visit it each day.

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