'Smurfs 2' sticks to tried and true blue (7/31/2013)
 Movie review: 'Fruitvale Station' a tragic and timely saga (7/26/2013)
 Movie review: Too many feeble foes weaken 'Wolverine' (7/26/2013)
 Movie Review: 'Big Star' tips hat to the band in a music lover's film (7/26/2013)
 Movie Review: 'Hannah Arendt' a serious biopic (7/26/2013)
 Movie review: 'To Do List' so-so as sexy teen girl comedy  (7/26/2013)
 Movie Review: Strong cast, thin tale in 'Unfinished Song' (7/26/2013)
 Movie review: Death reborn in new rock-doc  (7/25/2013)
 New to DVD this week (7/25/2013)
 'R.I.P.D.' fails to rise to the occasion (7/20/2013)
 Movie review: 'The Way, Way Back' a real summer treat  (7/19/2013)
 Movie review: 'Only God Forgives' violent yet tender (7/19/2013)
 Film Clips: 'RED 2' too silly; 'Girl' lost in quirks (7/19/2013)
 New to DVD this week (7/18/2013)
 Movie review: 'Berberian Sound Studio' subtly pumps up the volume  (7/18/2013)
 Movie review: 'The Conjuring' scares up plenty of frightening moments (7/18/2013)
 Movie review: 'One Track Heart' follows Hindu kirtan star  (7/18/2013)
 Movie review: 'Turbo' races in a field of dreams  (7/17/2013)
 Movie Review: 'Grown Ups 2' stumbles on its cliches (7/12/2013)
 Movie Review: Shot in Pittsburgh, 'A New York Heartbeat' portrays Brooklyn of the 1950s (7/12/2013)
 Movie Review: Spies, lies, ethics mix in a taut 'The East' (7/12/2013)
 New on DVD: 'The Host' and the third season of 'The Twilight Zone' (7/11/2013)
 Movie Review: Guillermo del Toro revs up the sci-fi action in 'Pacific Rim' (7/11/2013)
 Movie review: 'Kings of Summer' turns into charming, touching tale (7/5/2013)
 Movie review: '20 Feet From Stardom' a well-tuned documentary (7/5/2013)

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