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Grandmother needs your help

Tuesday, December 23, 2003

A desperate grandmother writes in hopes of providing a Christmas for her four grandchildren. She explains that her husband suffered a stroke this past year and is unable to speak, her son tried to commit suicide and her daughter is trying to get her life in order but unfortunately had some setbacks and began drinking again. Their Social Security goes for doctors' bills and leaves nothing for the holidays. All she wants to do is provide some happiness during this time of turmoil for her family.

Many families face multiple, often tragic, hardships, but are still able to love one another enough to want the best. They reach out to others during the holidays so that their children may have respite from daily struggles. Your support of the Goodfellows Toy Fund will go a long way toward helping these families experience the joys of the holiday season. Please send your tax-deductible contribution to Goodfellows, c/o Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Box 715, Pittsburgh 15230.

Today's total:$4,903.73
Year to date:$105,985.41

Liberty Candy Company, Inc.210
Grenadier family200
R. and M. Wolfendale grandkids200
Nisar Health and Human Services Inc.200
Hayes Stover180
Power and Industrial Services150
Paul Dobias150
Allan Block100
Deferrari, Hicks and Packer families100
Ms. Partanen100
Roy and Norleen Patterson100

John Beresheski100
Michael Donovan100
Jack Strosser100
The Coyle family100
David Spera65
Marjorie Rogers60
Chuck Lesky50.73
David Shields50
Ron and Donna Rossa50
Ms. Calkins50

Max and Elias Paolone50
Dick and Donna Heilman50
Tony Veltre and family50
The Burkes50
Paul and Kathie Scopel50
Paul, Jan and Sara Kersnick50
Bernie Parrish50
Carole Jane Demore50

In honor of Nancy Dougherty50
Stanley Karastury50
In memory of Alfred H. Nogal50
Susan Adams50
Anthony and Karen Agostinelli50
Al McElhinny50
In memory of Mack and Morgan37
Tyler and Tanner Schmitt35
Bill and Ellen Fagan30
Barbara Kemp30

Emily, Eric and Evan30
Marilyn Thomas30
In memory of Russell Gadomski25
Robert Murdock25
Jim and Pat McGoogan25
John Kenst25
Maia and Dominic25
Sharon Tryc25
Ann Kirsch25
Evans family25

Graham Evans25
Norm and Maze Riffner25
John and Chris Dyba25
In memory of Robert W. Avery25
Will, Hannah and Rachel Hugo25
James Schrmack25
In memory of Salome McConnell25
Dan and Lin O'Donnell25
Randy and Jai Pausch25

Scott Miller25
In memory of Taiwan D. Germany25
Helen Fullerton25
Kathleen Wertz25
Sheila Arendt25
William Boody25
In memory of William Neel, Jim and Lisa Vaughn25
In memory of Gloria and Leroy Yahr25
Franny and Maddy Marcelle20
In memory of "Lovey"20
Hannah McCaskie20

Carlton Carson20
Patricia Przybyla20
Tom and Judy Gasperini20
Donna Legeza20
The Petrone family20
Joel and Tova Tarr20
Valerie Yerse20
Christy and Mike Casper20
George Bandik20
Kaitlin, Kylie, Mariah, Maura and Bobby20

Richard and Susan Gilch20
Dick and Jeannette Jones20
Max Schrenk20
The Thomas family20
In memory of Philip Chraska15
B. Kart15
Robert and Carol Mulig15
Dolores Croyle10
In memory of K.W. Clark10
Pete and Lynn Hoysan10

In memory of Christopher Faller10
Dave and Mary Ondek10
Joseph Chatham10
Amber Stauffer10
C.E. McWilliams10
Joseph and Mary Dengler10
J. and B. DeHainaut10
David and Terry Aiello10
A. Malkin10

Vivian Campbell10
Danielle Ferrante6
Don Budzinski5

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