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March 28, 2020
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Just ask Cat: Boyfriend has hair-raising problem

Saturday, May 03, 2003

DEAR CAT: My girlfriend has decided to stop shaving her legs and underarms. I didn't think I'd have a problem with it, but now that it's been more than a month, I'm completely turned off, and I don't really want intimacy anymore. I'd hate to think I'm so shallow, but I miss the way she was. I love her, but we can't last if I'm not attracted to her. Any thoughts? -- MISS HER TOUCH

DEAR MISS: You're not shallow, you just like what you like. You fell for something that looked and felt one way, and now it's changed. Why has she chosen to look like a yeti? Is it something health-related, or is she just being lazy? Before you let the relationship fall off the razor's edge, learn why she's made this decision. Hey, she doesn't have to look like a razor commercial, but you'd like her legs to look prettier than yours. If something is affecting intimacy, it's worth a discussion.

DEAR CAT: My sister-in-law often comes to our house for dinner. She constantly gets in the way and sticks her hands into everything, "sampling" the food. I've told both her and my wife that it's rude and disgusting, but after a few weeks it starts again. How can I stop this terrible behavior? -- MR. MANNERS

DEAR MR. MANNERS: This isn't really about your sis-in-law's lack of proper etiquette, is it? Face it, her refusal to stop handling your food is disrespectful. I can't blame you, really. If you've had to ask her to quit it more than once, then she's just ignoring you (and your wife is, too). So, she really sticks her hands into the food? That's how squirrels eat. Next time around, give her a trough of acorns and a box of moist towelettes as you stand your ground one final time. If she can't respect your wishes, then politely tell her (and your wife) she's not welcome for dinner.

Catherine Specter can be reached at Cat's Call, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Box 476, Pittsburgh, PA 15230 or catscall@mindspring.com.

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