High school softball rosters

Roster for 2020-2021 North Hills girls' varsity softball

Head Coach: Libby Gasior

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No. Name Pos. Ht. Wt. Year
1 Perigo, Shayna IN/OF Sophomore
2 Zwick, Tatum OF Junior
3 Kissner, Sydney OF Senior
4 Bischoff, Kaylee OF Freshman
5 Polaski, Kallie OF Junior
6 Romo, Natalie OF Sophomore
7 Murphy, Hanna C/INF Sophomore
8 Groll, Miranda OF Sophomore
9 Merz, Alyvia INF/P Sophomore
10 Taylor, Melanie IN Senior
11 Fonzi, Cassandra OF Junior
12 Roncone, Sophia P/INF Junior
14 Rick, Shelby IN Junior
17 Kummer, Meaghan C/INF Sophomore
18 Aggelou, Anastasia IN Senior
19 Westwood, Brenna IN Sophomore
20 Wittig, Kassidy OF Junior
21 Scheller, Abigail C/INF Junior
22 Blauth, Kyra OF/P Junior
25 Rick, Sadie C/INF Junior
26 Bodnar, Savannah IN Freshman
29 McCarthy, Lauren IN Junior
33 Catrain, Katie INF/P Junior
34 Lucas, Cailyn P/INF Junior
44 Chutko, Maria INF/P Junior