High school softball rosters

Roster for 2020-2021 Steel Valley girls' varsity softball

Head Coach: Ed Tozzi

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No. Name Pos. Ht. Wt. Year
2 Kovel, Emma OF Junior
4 Martin, Brooke OF Senior
5 Alexandroff, Lydia OF Senior
7 McConnell, Kendall P Sophomore
8 Polfeko, Emily OF Senior
9 Bulger, Chelsea OF Sophomore
9 Novak, Shalby OF Freshman
10 Hall, Hailie IN Senior
11 Garland, J'loni IN Sophomore
12 Gibbs, Soraya OF Junior
13 Ruston, Izzy INF/C Freshman
14 Tester, Abby IN Junior
15 Rager, M P/INF Freshman
16 Carr, Mia IN Sophomore
17 Salopek, Kelsey OF Junior
19 Farrah, Brooke C Sophomore
21 Hartnett, Alana IN Freshman
23 Perez-Paulino, Myrian OF Sophomore
25 Proof, Lexie IN Senior
32 Keeley, Erica IN Freshman