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 His rhetoric pays the bill (9/1/1998)
 Good bombs kill like the bad (8/25/1998)
 The Mother of all Apologies (8/21/1998)
 Bad company takes the rap (8/14/1998)
 Dissent is our patriotic right (8/11/1998)
 A 'seen' evening on television hill (8/7/1998)
 Profits made at what cost? (8/4/1998)
 Deep in love and out of tune (7/21/1998)
 A town so nice it lost its spice (7/14/1998)
 Gangsta rap cools it down (7/7/1998)
 Looks don't mirror fears (7/3/1998)
 Sorry, I'm not NBC's Al Roker (6/30/1998)
 Great movies fade to white (6/23/1998)
 Crying over the same spilled blood (6/16/1998)
 Through a lens darkly (6/2/1998)
 Sinatra and Seinfeld: Something and nothing (5/19/1998)
 The movies with the real special effects (5/12/1998)
 Conquering fat, baldness, impotence - and death? (5/5/1998)
 Rush to forgive the killer ray is mystifying (4/28/1998)
 The race isn't always to the swift (4/22/1998)
 A whodunit of huge proportions (4/7/1998)
 Black like them (3/17/1998)
 Crime in the suites colorblind (3/10/1998)
 With Clinton, scandal knows no color bounds (2/17/1998)
 Huck led me to great books (2/10/1998)

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