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Columnists Tony Norman

 If only zombies could devour Fox News (10/22/2013)
 Crazy rant on House floor hardly unique (10/18/2013)
 Redskins term just keeps piling on insult (10/15/2013)
 Tea Party types eye the disasters ahead (10/11/2013)
 Stars know it's good to read, at any speed (10/8/2013)
 At the August Wilson Center, a distant light (10/4/2013)
 It's tough being first 'Breaking Bad' addict (10/1/2013)
 Protection of giant duck goes overboard (9/27/2013)
 Benny Hinn deserves unprofitable return (9/24/2013)
 Rand Paul gets it right on drugs, at least (9/20/2013)
 Pols' portraits paint a sleazy picture of Pa. (9/17/2013)
 This one time, reality TV seemed inspiring (9/13/2013)
 Gun permits for the blind? No offense, but no (9/10/2013)
 Attack on Syria would be latest bad idea (9/6/2013)
 Young artists try August Wilson Center role (9/3/2013)
 If only we'd known King's take on Obama (8/30/2013)
 King's agenda was tougher than we recall (8/27/2013)
 A racist hatemonger employed by Uncle Sam (8/23/2013)
 Unfair bias has its grip on stop-and-frisk (8/20/2013)
 Too many black stars clueless about past (8/16/2013)
 Oprah mixes talent and wisdom with wealth (8/13/2013)
 E-cigarettes: New smoking draws little fire (8/9/2013)
 Stupidity, not race, caused Oakland killing (8/6/2013)
 A clarion call from the fast-food front lines (7/30/2013)
 Police chief exploding with hate for liberals (7/26/2013)

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