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Columnists Ruth Ann Baker

 Could a large rubber duck mend America? (10/21/2013)
 Obamacare fiasco yields long list of losers (10/14/2013)
 The GOP's self-inflicted shutdown wounds (10/7/2013)
 Pittsburgh has already arrived; so let's bask (9/30/2013)
 The guns of September: Here we go again? (9/23/2013)
 Let's be rational about death-care reform (9/9/2013)
 Egghead sees decline, but we're counting chicks (9/2/2013)
 What a white person can say: Let's try liberty (8/26/2013)
 Media mugs feel your pain, Mr. President (8/19/2013)
 Rules on Race, plus one: 'Study History' (8/5/2013)
 Battling blight, at the speed of Baltimore (7/29/2013)
 A Luke legacy: Let 'Love Your Block' rock on (7/22/2013)
 Playing race card becomes national game (7/8/2013)
 In its disdain, court invites discrimination (7/1/2013)
 A system that will save us: liberty and love (6/24/2013)
 Average citizen sees D.C. mess clearly (6/17/2013)
 Drug war? Fight 'disruptive property' owners first (6/10/2013)
 Our veteran heroes died for this? (5/27/2013)
 Don't get giddy with Obama scandal fever (5/20/2013)
 Retweet re #Benghazi TPs: Audacity overload! (5/13/2013)
 Media shy away from abortion doctor's trial (5/6/2013)
 In a sorority girl's vile rant, the whiff of decay (4/29/2013)
 Both music and bullets deal with tragedy (4/22/2013)
 Corbett's hard medicine could use some sugar (4/15/2013)
 Separate chuch and state: Marriage is religious; let the government regulate civil unions -- for all (4/8/2013)

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