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Columnists Sally Kalson
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Sally Kalson's weekly column of social satire, political commentary and personal observation has been running in the Post-Gazette since 1988. Kalson earned, but unfortunately did not receive, the Nobel Prize in medicine for her discovery of Toxic Shop Syndrome, one of the defining social diseases of the '90s. She has also identified the real problem with Barbie (the doll), which is not her shape but her values, and wondered why seven children born simultaneously are a "miracle" deserving of taxpayer support while other children born sequentially are having their safety net destroyed.

When not writing columns, Kalson has covered subjects as diverse as life in the war zones of Nicaragua to intemperate judges in the courtrooms of Allegheny County. Currently, she covers the family issues beat for the Post-Gazette.

Sally's columns can be found in the Wednesday Region section.

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