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'Wetfeet.com’s Industry Insider Guide: The Inside Scoop on the Job You Want' by Wetfeet.Com (Editor)

Bools on Business: 'Wetfeet.com’s Industry Insider Guide: The Inside Scoop on the Job You Want'

Sunday, March 18, 2001

By Carnegie Business Librarians


Wetfeet.com’s Industry Insider Guide: The Inside Scoop on the Job You Want

By Wetfeet.Com (Editor)



Since 1994, Wetfeet.com has been one of the Internet’s best occupational guides to white-collar industries, careers and companies. This book represents part of their extensive foray into the publishing world. The WetFeet.com’s Industry Insider Guide is a print version of this popular web site, offering valuable and entertaining information for jobseekers and job changers. Based on extensive interviews with actual employees, the Industry Guide’s information, while largely subjective, has a more authentic ring to it than more conventional guides. Overviews, trends, and descriptions of workplace culture are given for 30 growth industries ranging from non-profits to venture capital. Wetfeet.com’s defining characteristic, however, is the frank and revealing manner with which it explains how to get a job in each field and what it is like once you get it. This candid excerpt on the field of law paints a particularly vivid picture:

Litigation hell: you sit in a windowless room for twelve billable hours a day dividing documents into piles marked “privileged” and “non-privileged” while the paralegal sitting next to you does exactly the same thing.

Particularly interesting are the “Real People Profiles.” This section gives a sometimes brutally honest hourly account of a typical day. (“11:00 More phone calls, more fires. Help a new bank representative with several calls he’s unsure how to manage. 12:00 Lunch with mother who lives nearby.”). The Industry Guide is full of blunt appraisals of the working world culled from the experiences of those serving at the front lines. The reader feels as if he or she is getting the scoop from a friend over a beer, which is far more illuminating and enjoyable than any Department of Labor survey.

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