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'Obsessions of an extraordinary executive: The Four disciplines at the Heart of making any Organization World Class' by Patrick Lencioni

Books on Business: ‘Obsessions of an extraordinary executive’

Sunday, February 18, 2001

By Carnegie Business Librarians


Obsessions of an extraordinary executive: The Four disciplines at the Heart of making any Organization World Class

By Patrick Lencioni



Creating a healthy corporate culture is the key to the sustained success of any organization. Lencioni, author of the best selling book, The Five Temptations of a CEO, and president of a San Francisco Bay area management consulting firm, inspires us with a new fable about the chief executive’s crucial role in developing a healthy organization.

The story involves two technology consulting companies, engaged in bitter competition. Their chief executive officers have similar professional backgrounds, personalities and work ethics but completely different management philosophies. This compels the reader to analyze what makes one company more successful than the other. The duplicitous actions of an employee who attempts to steal corporate secrets and use them to further his career provides the kind of corporate intrigue that makes this management book read like a novel.

What powerful secrets were stolen? Those of one of the rival CEOs in our story, Rich O’Connor, who finds that his workaholic life and obsession with organizational detail are ultimately unbearable. This epiphany challenges him to condense his work life into the few manageable tasks that have the greatest impact on the success of his company. In doing so, he stumbles on four vital principles that underlie every aspect of running a company, and make it a winner.

The simple and accessible model that Lencioni describes can be a tool for leaders to address the human issues critical to the health of all companies. After the story is told, he provides a blueprint for putting the disciplines into practice. There is no murder, mayhem, or romance in this corporate world, but good management advice, painlessly given.

Contact the business librarians at (412) 281-7141 or at www.carnegielibrary.org/clp/libctr/business/.

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