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'Keeping the People who keep you in Business' by Leigh Branham

Books on Business: ‘Keeping the People who keep you in Business’

Sunday, February 18, 2001

By Carnegie Business Librarians


Keeping the People who keep you in Business

By Leigh Branham



Near record low unemployment rates have thrown modern managers into a desperate struggle for talented workers. Many are responding with an all-out effort to recruit and attract new candidates. But author Leigh Branham believes that managers can more easily compete in this tough job market by concentrating on retaining the good workers that they already have.

In response to the crisis, an increasing number of companies have committed themselves to doing whatever it takes to hold on to their most valuable resource -- good employees.

Most of the book presents the 24 key retention practices that are the elements of Branham’s science of “keepology.” These fall into four general areas: (1) be a company that people want to work for; (2) select the right people in the first place; (3) get them off to a great start; and (4) coach and reward to sustain commitment. The discussion of each practice is thorough and lucid, with examples of companies engaging in these policies, and a self-test on how your organization is doing in that area.

In addition to helping managers understand factors involved in turnover and retention, Branham also teaches how to develop a “selective retention plan” to identify employees that an organization can least afford to lose and to hold onto them. Ready-to-use checklists, inventories, worksheets and surveys abound.

This book is not just for managers trying to create a stable, productive and happy workplace. It can also appeal to job seekers in the current buyers’ market, to see what delightful benefits and perks they might be able to look forward to as long as it lasts.

Contact the business librarians at (412) 281-7141 or at www.carnegielibrary.org/clp/libctr/business/.

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