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'How to Get Publicity (And Make the Most of It Once You’ve Got It)' by William Parkhurst

Books on Business: ‘How to Get Publicity’

Sunday, February 04, 2001

By the Business Librarians at the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh


How to Get Publicity (And Make the Most of It Once You’ve Got It)

By William Parkhurst

HarperBusiness, 2000


William Parkhurst understands the importance of publicity. His firm, Parkhurst Communications, has prepared hundreds of writers (including three Nobel Laureates and 20 Pulitzer Prize winners), heads of state and Fortune 500 CEOs in the areas of speech and media training. In this book he shares the knowledge he has acquired in his years of experience with you, the fortunate reader.

You’ll find out how to make the media contacts most appropriate for your publicity campaign, how to write news releases for both print media and e-mail, how to assemble an effective press kit, and how to use the Internet to best advantage.

Parkhurst offers practical tips: think of every question that could possibly come up about your theme, print each one on its own card, and have a friend ask them at random. Tape yourself during these sessions so you can hear how you sound to others. Strategies for dealing with adversarial and/or difficult questions, rude interruptions and interviewers who are not prepared are offered as well.

Parkhurst urges extreme caution when talking to reporters, since everything you say can be “on the record.” There are guidelines on how to evaluate and improve your appearance and what you need to know about setting up a publicity tour.

Each chapter concludes with a select group of Web sites that exemplify the lessons given in the text. If you are thinking about launching a publicity campaign, this valuable insider’s guide should help you become media-savvy and prepared to look and sound your best in any situation.

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