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 Book review: Hard-boiled heroine for the Atomic Age (10/23/2013)
 Book review: The botany of desire blooms (10/23/2013)
 Jo Nesbo's 'Police': high-octane Nordic noir (10/20/2013)
 'Book of Ages': Jill Lapore paints a full picture of Jane Franklin, Ben's sister (10/20/2013)
 Jhumpa Lahiri's 'The Lowland': the aftershocks of violence on Bengali Indians in America (10/20/2013)
 Book review: 'Bridget Jones' still entertains even in grief (10/16/2013)
 Diane Ravitch's 'Reign of Error': an in-your-face defense of public education (10/13/2013)
 'Dirty Love' by Andre Dubus III: The house of messy relationships (10/13/2013)
 Larry Kane's 'When They Were Boys': Meet the Beatles (10/13/2013)
 Book review: 'The Ghosts of Happy Valley,' a charming history of Kenya (10/8/2013)
 Good season for baseball books (10/8/2013)
 Children's Corner: New picture books that wax wonderful (10/8/2013)
 Dave Eggers' 'The Circle' = '1984' + Facebook (10/6/2013)
 Bill Bryson's 'One Summer: America, 1927': a microscope on a pivotal year (10/6/2013)
 'Lord Mansfield': The Enlightenment's overachiever (10/6/2013)
 'Command and Control:' Eric Schlosser's scary-but-true tales of America's nuclear weapons (9/29/2013)
 'Local Souls': Allan Gurganus returns with three empathetic novellas (9/29/2013)
 'The Bone Season': too much of a good thing (9/29/2013)
 Book review: Nicholas Sparks' 'Longest Ride' hits a dead end for romance fan (9/28/2013)
 J.M. Coetzee's 'The Childhood of Jesus': Literature of the absurd (9/22/2013)
 'The Tender Soldier': Sending social scientists to a war zone (9/22/2013)
 Stephen King's 'Doctor Sleep': Demons, personal and supernatural (9/22/2013)
 Book review: 'Kindness for Weakness' reveals lost boys behind bars  (9/18/2013)
 Book review: Mothers' work is never done in Terry McMillan's new novel (9/17/2013)
 Nicholson Baker's 'Traveling Sprinkler': the hissing of ordinary life (9/15/2013)

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