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November 26, 2022
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'Farewell, Neighbor': Fred Rogers, 1928 - 2003

A guide to coverage by the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Saturday, March 01, 2003

Throughout the vast neighborhood he created with his trademark gentle voice and manner, children's show host Fred Rogers' death at age 74 stirred childhood memories of "Mister Rogers Neighborhood" and adult appreciation of the nurturing warmth of his program.

Post-Gazette illustration by Daniel Marsula

On television he was ever tolerant and always understanding, and that carried over to his humble real-life demeanor. His persona was no act. There are no stories of him turning into a raging tyrant behind-the-scenes. By all accounts, he was the same soft-spoken person on the air and off.

"It's been a privilege to pass on the good stuff that was given to me, and television has really been a fine vehicle for that," Rogers said before recording his last episode of the "Neighborhood" in fall 2000. He pointed to a frame on the wall of his office: "Life Is for Service."

"Those of us in broadcasting have a special calling to give whatever we feel is the most nourishing that we can for our audience," Rogers said. "We are servants of those who watch and listen."

In these articles from continuing news coverage and from a special section in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette published Feb. 28, 2003, writers, artists and photographers chronicle the reaction to Rogers' passing and the breadth of his legacy.

Pittsburgh bids farewell to Fred Rogers with moving public tribute

Memorable guest: It's you, Fred, that I like

Display of love buoys Mrs. Rogers

It's a beautiful day in the U.S. House as Congress honors Fred Rogers

Friends, family mourn as 'Mister Rogers' is laid to rest

Rogers' death gets front page headlines, TV specials

An Obituary: Fred Rogers, beloved children's television legend, dies at age 74

Lasting connection his legacy: Children felt Mister Rogers was talking just to them

In their own words: Children write their own tributes to Mister Rogers

Teresa Heinz remembers a friend and universal role model

Young fans recall gentle host, memorable episodes

Fans, co-workers react to a personal loss

Family Communications keeps Rogers' spirit alive

Gastric cancers hard to detect; survival rate low

Pictures from Fred Rogers' life and career

Highlights in the life and career of Fred Rogers.

Click here to download a .pdf version of our special section cover, "Farewell, Neighbor." (Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader)

Rob Owen:
An appreciation: Mister Rogers will always be part of our neighborhood

John O'Brien:
What is the light that Fred Rogers had, shining all around him?

Gene Collier:
There's Martin Luther King, and there's Gandhi ... and there's Fred Rogers

Tony Norman:
Neighborhood menace

Tony Norman:
All children would agree: Fred Rogers had soul

Dennis Roddy:
Fred Rogers kept it simple, and elegantly so

Fred Rogers / The eternal friend of children passes into the ages

Mister Rogers & Us:
Cartoonists Tim Menees and Rob Rogers remember Fred Rogers in line and text

Tim Reeves:
Fred Rogers and the greatness of good

First Person/Chris Zurawsky:
It wasn't until I grew up that Mr. Rogers' appeal became clear

Letters to the Editor:
Issue One / Fred Rogers -- March 9, 2003
Readers' letters -- March 2, 2003
Readers' letters -- March 4, 2003

Send your own condolences and read the public's remembrances of "Mister Rogers."

Past stories

Fred Rogers gets Presidential Medal of Freedom.

Rogers before cameras again at WQED studios

Fred Rogers' 'retirement' busy with books, songs, appearances.

No. 1 in our neighborhood: Fred Rogers.

'Mister Rogers' tapes last show amid tears

Fred Rogers has unique ability to make world more beautiful

There goes the Neighborhood: Mister Rogers will make last episodes of show in December.

When Mister Rogers retired, famous and ordinary told how they would miss his show.



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