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A strong southerly flow of moisture-laden air from the Gulf has
underpinned further rain and thunderstorms, some severe, in the
nations sodden midsection. Some of the heaviest rainfall, reaching 2
to 4 inches in places, has been falling in a corridor, much of it
already flood weary, over eastern Texas and eastern Oklahoma to the
Kansas-Missouri line. However, the area favorable for flooding, even
severe, thunderstorms was reaching east to the lower Mississippi
Valley with rain and local thunderstorms into the upper Mississippi
Valley. Meanwhile, parts of the southern and central High Plains were
poised for an outbreak of locally severe thunderstorms. Farther
west, broad low pressure over the Rockies and the Inter Mountain was
focusing steady rain over much of Wyoming and western South Dakota.
The setup was favorable for scattered afternoon thunderstorms as far
west as the Sierra Nevada. Elsewhere, high pressure along the
Atlantic Coast was kicking off a major warmup in the East. Highs of
75-85 F were in store. Likewise, high pressure off the West Coast was
bringing dry weather between western Washington and Southern


Major Flooding in Texas, Oklahoma, Follows Record Rainfall
As of Sunday, major flooding of many streams and rivers is under way
or forecast from Oklahoma to south-central Texas. Major flooding is
spreading down stream in the Nueces and Guadalupe river basins in
south-central Texas. Along the Texas-Oklahoma border, the Red River
has been swollen greatly with some area tributaries at major stage as
of Sunday. Still farther north, major-stage flooding was being
observed on some streams in the Canadian River watershed.


Oklahoma City has had its wettest month on record. Rainfall as of May
23 reached 18.19 inches with at least another 0.43 inch as of early
Sunday afternoon. Formerly, the wettest month on record had been June
1989, when 14.66 inches of rain fell.

Widespread flooding, especially in Oklahoma and Texas, has followed a
very wet 24 hours; this in turn following days of soaking rain. One
report from near Kendalia, Kendall Co., Texas, showed 12.32 inches of

Texas and Oklahoma have also be the site of numerous damage reports
owing to severe thunderstorms. Aside from serious flash flooding,
wind damage has be the most significant severe weather aspect.
An EF-1 tornado was confirmed Sunday, having a 2.5-mile path on the
west side of Corpus Christi, Texas. The twister had a narrow width of
only 100 yards, striking at about 2:30 a.m., EDT.

Meanwhile, snow was observed at a few sites along the Rockies. In New
Mexico, snowfall of 7 inches was reported from near Toadlena as of
Sunday morning.

Recent Rainfall:

Mc Alester, Okla. 6.63"
Tahlequah, Okla. 4.24"
Dallas (Redbird), Texas 4.02"
Oklahoma City (Page) 3.66"
Shawnee, Okla. 3.46"
Uvalde, Texas 3.40"
Brownsville, Texas 3.30"
Dallas (Love Fld.) 3.14"
Clinton/Sherman, Okla. 4.49"
Oklahoma City (Will Rogers) 4.15"
Dallas-Fort Worth 3.97"
Norman, Okla. 3.54"
Sherman, Texas 3.46"
Port Isabel, Texas 3.35"
Winfield, Ark. 3.28"
Sand Springs, Okla. 3.03"
San Antonio, Texas 4.31"
Tulsa (R. Jones), Okla. 4.08"
Tulsa, Okla. 3.70"
Arlington, Texas 3.49"
Siloam Springs, Ark. 3.42"
Castroville, Texas 3.32"
Chickasha, Okla. 3.27"
Okmulgee, Okla. 3.01"


National High Today (through 9 pm) 95 at Tampa (Knight), Florida
National Low Today (through 9 pm) 25 at Leadville, Colorado

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