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A patch of light rain was affecting part of the mid-Atlantic states
on Monday. A diminishing zone of showers and thunderstorms pushed
eastward across the Gulf Coast states. Much of the balance of the
central and eastern states were free of precipitation. An are of rain
and embedded thunderstorms was drenching locations from the western
tip of Texas to southwestern New Mexico and southern Arizona. This
moisture is associated with a diminishing tropical depression that
was moving northeastward along the western coast of Mexico. Much of
the balance of the West was free of rain.


Anniversary of the 1938 New England Hurricane

 On Sept. 21, 1938, the strongest hurricane ever to hit New England
head on occurred. The storm was also the fastest-moving hurricanes
with a forward speed of 58 mph. The storm caught many people by
surprise and produced a surge of water close to 30 feet along the
Rhode Island coast. Wind gusts topped 100 mph in much of southeastern
New England. A gust of 186 mph occurred at Blue Hill Observatory,
Massachusetts. There was enormous damage at the coast, as well as a
great loss to inland forests and devastation from flooding. The storm
took the loves of 680 people and caused $306 million in damage. The
storm destroyed or damaged nearly 60,000 homes.


September Temperature Departures From Average (F)....

 New York, N.Y.: +7.3
 Minneapolis, Minn.: +4.7

 San Francisco, Calif.: +3.0
 Boston, Mass.: +5.6

 Des Moines, Iowa: +5.5
 Los Angeles, Calif.: +5.9

 Philadelphia, Pa.: +5.6
 Kansas City, Mo.: +4.0

 San Diego, Calif.: +6.3
 Pittsburgh, Pa.: +5.3

 Oklahoma City, Okla.: +2.5
 Anchorage, Alaska: -1.4

 Washington, D.C.: +4.4
 Dallas, Texas: +3.8

 Honolulu, Hawaii: +1.4
 Detroit, Mich.: +4.4

 Houston, Texas: -0.7
 San Juan, P.R.: +1.7

 Chicago, Ill.: +4.1
 Denver, Colo.: +4.2

 Atlanta, Ga.: -0.1
 Fargo, N.D.: +5.2

 Orlando, Fla.: +0.3
 Great Falls, Mont.: -0.6

 Miami, Fla.: +0.8
 Seattle, Wash.: -0.8

 Charlotte, N.C.: +1.8
 Salt Lake City, Utah: +0.8

 Nashville, Tenn.: +2.2
 Phoenix, Ariz.: 0.0

 New Orleans, La.: +0.1
 Las Vegas, Nev.: +2.2

Significant Ongoing Weather:

-Flooding rains from the remnants of Tropical Depression 16-E will
impact the southeastern United States.

24-Hour Rainfall Totals as of 9:00 PM EDT (Inches)

Boone, N.C. 1.90
Nogales, Ariz. 1.89
Hilo, Hawaii 1.87
Mobile, Ala. 1.53
Charlottesville, Va. 1.53
Lynchburg, Va. 1.35
Roanoke, Va. 1.22
Tucson, Ariz. 1.13
Montgomery, Ala. 1.07
Prattville, Ala. 0.94
Gila Bend, Ariz. 0.93
Safford, Ariz. 0.89
Hot Springs, Va. 0.81
Pioneer, Ariz. 0.79
Martinsville, Va. 0.79
Danville, Va. 0.77
North Wilkesboro, N.C. 0.76
Blacksburg, Va. 0.75
South Boston, Va. 0.74
Jefferson, N.C. 0.69
Hattiesburg, Miss. 0.67
Louisa, Va. 0.63
Miami, Fla. 0.61
Evergreen, Ala. 0.55


National High Today (through 9 pm) 113 at Death Valley, California
National Low Today (through 9 pm) 23 at Angel Fire, New Mexico

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