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-Cool high pressure shifted eastwards Sunday over the Great Lakes and
Ohio Valley regions, having brought record and near-record cold in
its wake. Morning lows were in the upper 30s and 40s, but near 30 F
with frost in parts of northern Lower Michigan. Another aspect of the
high was the lack of rain, as sunny to partly sunny skies were spread
over the Northeast and mid-Atlantic through most of the Midwest and
Plains. Meanwhile, a weakening cold front was tapping remnant warm,
humid air, sparking scattered thunderstorms in the Southeast and near
the Gulf Coast. In the West, dominated once again by dry air, a
warming trend was well under way. Southern California heat was
lifting temperature through the 90s, even above 100 F, away from the
beaches. Highs in the 80s and 90s were in the offing west of the
Oregon and Washington Cascades. The warming trend also spanned the
Rockies to the High Plains, a marked reversal following earlier cold
and snow.


Hurricane Gilbert Strikes the Yucatan.
Gilbert roared ashore on the island of Cozumel, Mexico, as a Category
5 hurricane on Sept 14, 1988. Top winds were nearly 170 mph, making
Gilbert the strongest historical hurricane to strike Mexico. Only two
days earlier, Gilbert had dealt Jamaica a devastating blow before
exploding into what was at the time the most powerful Atlantic
hurricane on record.


Record lows early Sunday, September 14
Ennis, Montana
 25 F (tied the record low reached in 1992)
Moline, Illinois
 38 F (old record was 39 F, set in 2013)
Sunday morning lows versus (normal lows)
Chicago: 42 F (55 F)
Detroit: 43 F (55 F)
Indianapolis: 46 F (57 F)
St. Louis: 47 F (61 F)
Pittsburgh: 42 F (54 F)
Rochester, N.Y.: 40 F (52 F)
Washington, D.C. (Dulles): 45 F (57 F)
Muskegon, Mich.: 39 F (53 F)
Houghton Lake, Mich.: 31 F (46 F)

Recent Rainfall:

Cordova, Alaska 5.41"
Harlingen, Texas. 2.73"
Weslaco, Texas 2.46"
Edenton, N.C. 2.10"
False Pass, Alaska 1.98"
Columbia, S.C. 1.93"
Virginia Beach, Va. 1.81"
West Palm Beach, Fla. 1.54"
Goldsboro, N.C. 2.96"
Currituck, N.C. 2.72"
Valdez, Alaska 2.44"
Camden, S.C. 2.09"
Edinburg, Texas 1.96"
Augusta (Daniel), Ga. 1.85"
Fort Benning, Ga. 1.57"
Kew West, Fla. 1.51"
Elizabeth City, N.C. 2.90"
Mc Allen, Texas 2.56"
Manning, S.C. 2.14"
Brownsville, Texas 2.06"
Greenville, N.C. 1.93"
Marathon, Fla. 1.82"
Miami (Opa Locka), Fla. 1.54"
Chignik, Alaska 1.34"


National High Today (through 3 p.m.) 106 at Thermal, California
National Low Today (through 3 p.m.) 22 at West Yellowstone, Montana
International High (last 24 hours) 114 at Reggane, Algeria
International Low (last 24 hours) 1 at Summit Camp, Greenland


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