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-Strong high pressure gave a cold start to the day on Sunday in the
mid-Atlantic and New England, although it also fostered welcome
sunshine later. High pressure yielded westward to a cold front over
the midsection, trailing southward by way of Lake Superior and the
upper Mississippi Valley. This weather system was triggering showers
as far south as Missouri, Illinois and Indiana. Rain mixed with snow
in northern parts of Michigan and Wisconsin. West of this weather
system, strong early spring winds buffeted the Plains, spreading from
the Dakotas into Minnesota, Iowa and Nebraska. High pressure was
dominant in the South, cooling the south-Atlantic states while
warming Texas and the western Gulf Coast. In the West, dry, unusually
warm weather was the rule with readings headed for the 80s as far
north as northern California. Only a small area in northwestern
Washington was getting any rain.


Record-setting 19th Century Rainstorm

Torrential rains struck parts of the South on March 29, 1886. The
cloudbursts unloaded 7.36 inches of rain over Atlanta within 24
hours. Likewise, Chattanooga, Tenn., was doused with 24-hour rainfall
of 7.61 inches. Both of these statistics still stand as greatest
24-hour rainfalls in the respective cities.


High winds spread east of the northern Rockies overnight, fanning out
over the northern and central Plains on Sunday. Top gusts above 60
mph were fairly common with 70-mph gusts happening locally. A 75-mph
gust was clocked before daybreak at the Rapid City, S.D., airport.
There was at least sporadic minor damage, as evidenced by a report of
half a roof getting torn off in Custer, S.D. Also, a barn door was
blown off and window broken near Clareton, Weston Co., Wyo. Here are
some top gusts:

73 mph
 Buffalo, S.D.
68 mph
 Echeta, Wyo.
72 mph
 outside of Wall, S.D.
66 mph
 Midland, S.D.
71 mph
 Midland, S.D.
65 mph
 Wasta, S.D.
70 mph
 near downtown Rapid City, S.D.
65 mph
 Bridger, S.D.
70 mph
 Mud Butte, S.D.
64 mph
 near Parmelee, S.D.

Record lows early Sunday, March 29:

17 F
 Lynchburg, Va. (was 23 F in 1982)
25 F
 Islip, N.Y. (was 29 F in 2011)
21 F
 Danville, Va. (was 23 F in 1996)
13 F
 Zanesville, Ohio (was 20 F in 1982)
16 F
 Lewisburg, W.Va. (was 18 F in 1982)
12 F
 DuBois, Penn. (was 15 F in 1966)

 Peak Wind Gusts The Past 24 Hours Ending at 8 P.M. EDT(in mph)

Ionia, MI 43
Saginaw, MI 51
Freemont, MI 48
Monroe, WI 52
Munising Lakes, MI 46
Holland, MI 44
Camp Douglas, WI 52
Harbor Springs, MI 52
Muskegon, MI 52
Watertown, WI 46


National High Today (through 9 p.m.) 102 at Death Valley, California
National Low Today (through 9 p.m.) -9 at Saranac Lake, New York

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