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Snow showers were affecting Maine with mixed rain and snow showers in
other parts of New England and upstate New York and northern
Pennsylvania. Rain showers and spotty thunderstorms extended along
the Carolina coast. An area of rain was developing from northwestern
Minnesota to southern Wisconsin. Much of the balance of the nation
was free of rain. Chilly air was hanging on in the Northeast with
fairly seasonable temperatures in the South with building warmth over
the Plains. Warmth was holding over much of the West, ahead of a push
of cooler air for the Northwest.


A Potent Late-March Storm on the Plains Recalled...

 A blizzard affected eastern Wyoming and Montana into South Dakota
and northwestern Nebraska on March 30, 2009. The storm brought up to
2 feet of snow in the hardest-hit areas with drifts up to 8 feet.
Severe thunderstorms affected some areas south of the snow with hail
and damaging wind gusts.


 March 2015 is on pace to surpass the warmest month on record by 2.0
F or more in downtown Los Angeles. As of March 30, the temperature
has averaged 68.4 F in the city, which is 7.8 F above normal and 2.4
F above the record set in 1931. The record in 1931 was 66.0 F.

 1.25-inch diameter hail fell near Belzoni, Mississippi, during
Monday morning.

 1.00-inch diameter hail fell near Ebenezer, Mississippi, during
Monday morning.

 High winds spread east of the northern Rockies overnight, fanning
out over the northern and central Plains on Sunday. Top gusts above
60 mph were fairly common with 70-mph gusts happening locally. A
75-mph gust was clocked before daybreak at the Rapid City, South
Dakota, airport. There was at least sporadic minor damage, as
evidenced by a report of half a roof getting torn off in Custer,
South Dakota. Also, a barn door was blown off and a window was broken
near Clareton, Weston County, Wyoming.

Recent Snowfall (Inches)...

Three Lakes, Mich. 3.1
Grand Marais, Mich. 6.0
Newberry, Mich. 2.0
Chatham, Mich. 2.5
National Mine, Mich. 2.7
Ironwood, Mich. 2.5
(Near) Champion, Mich. 4.0
Arnold, Mich. 3.0

Temperature Departures From Average (F) March 2015...

Boston, Mass. -5.2
New York, N.Y. -4.4
Detroit, Mich. -2.9
Chicago, Ill. -3.1
Philadelphia, Pa. -4.6
Charlotte, N.C. +3.1
Atlanta, Ga. +3.2
Minneapolis, Minn. +2.3
Denver, Colo. +4.2
Dallas, Texas -2.1
Orlando, Fla. +6.6
Seattle, Wash. +3.9
San Francisco, Calif. +5.6
Los Angeles, Calif. +6.7
Phoenix, Ariz. +6.5
Salt Lake City, Utah +5.6


National High Today (through 3 p.m.) 88 at El Centro, California
National Low Today (through 3 p.m.) 17 at Bodie State Park, California
International High (last 24 hours) 112 at Atbara, Sudan
International Low (last 24 hours) -52 at Summit Station, Greenland


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