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Rain began to diminish over eastern New England on Wednesday
afternoon. Much of the balance of the area east of the Mississippi
River was free of precipitation. There were spotty showers over
northern Wisconsin and the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. A
strengthening storm affected the Plains. Severe thunderstorms erupted
along a cool front associated with the storm from eastern Nebraska to
western Iowa and into northern Missouri. Spotty showers and
thunderstorms developed farther to the south to Texas. Windswept snow
shifted from eastern Colorado and Wyoming to central Nebraska,
northwestern Kansas and southern South Dakota. Strong wind gusts
blasted areas from the central Rockies to the central and southern
Plains. Snow showers affected parts of western Montana and northern
Idaho with rain showers and mountain snow showers in western
Washington state and northern Oregon. The balance of the West was dry.


The Armistice Day Storm Anniversary...

 On Nov. 11, 1940, Armistice Day Storm struck the Upper Midwest.
This storm remains as one of the most famous for the region, as it
was responsible for millions of dollars in damage as well as
extensive loss of life. As this system moved across the region, a
blizzard swept in along with it, dropping as much as 17 inches of
snow. Forty-nine people perished due to exposure in the state of
Minnesota alone, while another 70 sailors drowned on Lake Michigan.


 Thunderstorm winds downed utility poles near Red Oak, Iowa, during
Wednesday afternoon.

 1.75-inch diameter hail fell near Murray, Nebraska, during
Wednesday afternoon.

 1.75-inch diameter hail fell near Avoca, Nebraska, during Wednesday

 Non-thunderstorm winds downed numerous trees and power lines in
Garnett, Kansas, and throughout Anderson County, Kansas, during
Wednesday afternoon.

 Non-thunderstorm winds downed trees in Fort Scott, Kansas, during
Wednesday afternoon.

 Snow and wind resulted in near-zero visibility and power outages in
Imperial, Nebraska, during Wednesday midday.

Peak Wind Gusts (MPH) Wednesday...

Pittsburg, Kan. 55
Monarch Pass, Colo. 82
Beatrice, Neb. 54
Chanute, Kan. 58
Guadalupe Pass, Texas 63
Amarillo, Texas 47
Gage, Okla. 54

Recent Snowfall (Inches)....

Grant, Neb. 4.5
Harrison, Neb. 3.0
Hershey, Neb. 2.0
Federal Heights, Colo. 7.0
Ken Caryl, Colo. 6.2
Superior, Colo. 8.0
(Near) Pinecliffe, Colo. 9.5
Centennial, Colo. 8.3
Denver (Airport), Colo. 2.3
Coal Bank Pass, Colo. 7.5
Red Mountain Pass, Colo. 8.0
Monument, Colo. 7.0
North Platte, Neb. 1.5
Imperial, Neb. 2.0
Wolf Creek Pass, Colo. 10.0
Ardmore, S.D. 4.0


National High Today (through 9 pm) 93 at Alice, Texas
National Low Today (through 9 pm) -9 at West Yellowstone, Montana

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