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A storm system brought rain and high-elevation snow to the Rocky
Mountains on Sunday. A storm system centered off the coast of
Atlantic Canada brought a few showers to northern New England. A cold
front brought a few isolated showers and thunderstorms to northern
Florida and the Gulf Coast. A third storm system spread rainfall into
the coast of Washington and Oregon. Dry and cool weather was felt
across the rest of the Northeast and Great Lakes.


Tornado Outbreak from 2011 Begins...

An extremely violent tornado outbreak took place across the Deep
South with over 300 reports of tornadoes stretching across
Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia and Tennessee. This tornado outbreak
ranked as the second deadliest of all time in U.S. history. In total,
346 people were killed. Mississippi and Alabama were particularly
hard hit: Across Mississippi an EF-5 tornado touched down in the
Smithville area resulting in 27 deaths and 40 injuries. Maximum
winds were estimated at 205 mph. In Alabama, an EF-5 tornado touched
down in the Hackleberg area and continued northeast into
south-central Tennessee causing at least 71 deaths. Maximum winds
were estimated to be 210 mph. An EF-4 tornado touched down from
Tuscaloosa to Birmingham, causing at least 65 deaths.


Fair Skies Overnight in the East Allowed Record Cold to Settle in a
Few Sites. New Lows for April 25

Atlantic City, N.J.: 29 F (was 30 F from 1883 and 1888)
Binghamton, N.Y.: 34 F (was 36 F from 1967)
Reading, Pa.: 31 F (ties with 1919,1956 and 1999)
Allentown, Pa.: 27 F (ties with 1936, 1956)
Wilmington, Del.: 31 F (ties with 1919 and 1936)
Islip, N.Y.: 32 F (was 36 F from 2012)

Record rainfall for April 25 in San Antonio: 2.20 inches (was 1.84
inches in 1915).

24-Hour Rainfall Totals Ending at 1 p.m. EDT Sunday (inches):

Gulfport, Miss. 1.78
Kimball, Neb. 1.72
Slidell, La. 1.68
Sidney, Neb. 1.53
Jacksonville, Fla. 1.46
Gonzales, La. 1.44
Milton, Fla. 1.23
Hinesville, Ga. 1.17
Hilton Head, S.C. 1.16
Wise, Va. 1.16
Gainesville, Fla. 1.15
Savannah, Ga. 1.14
Sterling, Colo. 1.11
Mayport, Fla. 1.07
Hanover, Va. 1.01
Richmond, Va. 0.99
Oak Ridge, Tenn. 0.86
Angleton, Texas 0.83
New Orleans, La. 0.82
West Point, Va. 0.82
Sedona, Ariz. 0.81
Pascagoula, Miss. 0.81
Biloxi, Miss. 0.80
Salt Lake City, Utah 0.79


National High Today (through 3 p.m.) 96 at Miami, Florida
National Low Today (through 3 p.m.) 14 at Baraga Plains, Michigan
International High (last 24 hours) 123 at Vioolsdrif, South Africa
International Low (last 24 hours) -39 at Summit Station, Greenland


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