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Spotty light rain showers moved slowly east across portions of the
interior Northeast Thursday afternoon. A band of rain stretched from
northern Illinois into northern Arkansas. Scattered rain showers
moved slowly east across eastern Minnesota, Wisconsin and northern
Michigan. Very spotty rain showers moved east through far southern
Oklahoma and portions of central Texas. Scattered rain showers moved
slowly northeast across Florida and far southern Georgia. Rain was
persistent across northern Oregon, much of Washington state and
northern Idaho.


Stagnant Air Causes Deadly Smog in Donora, Pennsylvania...

 During late October of 1948, a strong and long-lasting temperature
inversion in the town of Donora, Pennsylvania, produced a wall of
smog that caused the death's of 20 people and sickened and additional
7,000. A multitude of chemicals, including sulfuric acid, nitrogen
dioxide and fluoride poured into the air from U.S. Steel Corp.'s zinc
and steel mills. A layer of warm air formed over the top of a chilly
air near the ground and caused the pollutants to become trapped over
the city for five days.


24 Hour Temperature Changes (2 PM WED/2 PM THU):

New York City, N.Y.: 70/58
Buffalo, N.Y.: 54/48
Boston, Mass.: 73/57
Philadelphia, Pa.: 66/59
Pittsburgh, Pa.: 54/48
Richmond, Va.: 75/64
Raleigh, N.C.: 75/65
Charlotte, S.C.: 78/65
Atlanta, Ga.: 71/63
Tallahassee, Fla.: 80/68
Mobile, Ala.: 79/69
New Orleans, La.: 81/72

24-Hour Rainfall as of 8:00 PM EDT (Inches)...

Gainesville, Fla.: 0.98
Quillayute, Wash.: 0.98
Stumpy Point, N.C., 0.80
Hoquiam, Wash.: 0.78
Coldest Temperature (F) of the Season Sep.-Oct. So Far
(Likely to be surpassed this weekend.)

Bangor, Maine 31
Boston, Mass. 39
New York City, N.Y. 42
Philadelphia, Pa. 39
Pittsburgh, Pa. 33
State College, Pa. 36
Washington, D.C. 44
Richmond, Va. 38
Raleigh, N.C. 39
Charlotte, N.C. 38
Atlanta, Ga. 43
Memphis, Tenn. 44
Cleveland, Ohio 32
Detroit, Mich. 32
Indianapolis, Ind. 34
Chicago, Ill. 33
Milwaukee, Wis. 33
Minneapolis, Minn. 31
Buffalo, N.Y. 34
Charleston, W.Va. 35
Columbus, Ohio 38
Paducah, Ky. 34
Mobile, Ala. 44
Tupelo, Miss. 39


National High Today (through 9 p.m.) 94 at Phoenix, Arizona
National Low Today (through 9 p.m.) 13 at Angel Fire, New Mexico

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