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Everything you always wanted to know about 'Sex'

Sunday, February 22, 2004

By Mimi Avins, Los Angeles Times

And just like that, it's over. Has sexual anthropologist Carrie Bradshaw run out of questions? Or is it that when women grow up, they stop trying to understand what makes relationships work? Probably neither, but after six seasons, the final episode of HBO's "Sex and the City" will air tonight.

By the way, "Sex" is getting the big-screen treatment from screenwriter and executive producer Michael Patrick King, who is aiming to complete a script by May and has already requested to direct the movie. Production company HBO is pushing to get a greenlight for the film by the same deadline. Sarah Jessica Parker, who produces the show, says, "It is the last season -- but doesn't mean it's the last you'll see of us."

We look back at the close friendship fans shared with the women who made the city safe for dressing up and talking dirty.

Pop quiz

1. What's Steve's bar called?

2. What Broadway star played a gay man who marries a woman?

3. What's Miranda's cat's name?

4. Who is Carrie's gay best friend?

5. What else does Carrie drink besides Cosmopolitans?

6. What's Big's first ex-wife's name?

7. Who is "the idiot stick figure with no soul"?

8. What is Charlotte's dog's name?

9. What is code for "This blind date is a dud, I'm out of here?"

10. How many stories has The New York Times published about "Sex and the City?"


1. Scout

2. Tony winner Nathan Lane, co-star of Sarah Jessica Parker's husband, Matthew Broderick, in "The Producers."

3. Fatty

4. Stanford Blatch

5. Double vodka on the rocks, Scotch straight up, martinis and an occasional beer

6. Barbara

7. Natasha, Big's soon-to-be second ex-wife

8. Elizabeth Taylor

9. "I have to go feed my cat."

10. 87

The stats

In 91 episodes, Samantha scored a career high with 44 sexual partners, not counting David and David, the gay couple who wanted to broaden their horizons but couldn't go through with it.

Carrie is next with 20, including Chad, the waiter she shared one night with in the '80s.

Miranda and Charlotte tied with 18.


Toxic bachelor: commitment-phobic serial seducer.

Modelizers: men addicted to dating models.

Gay straight man: a heterosexual with the habits and tastes more typical of a homosexual.

Straight gay man: a homosexual who watches sports on TV and has never heard of Dolce & Gabbana.

Frenemies: friends who often act more like enemies.

All righty: an unromantic response to a marriage proposal.

Jewelry gems

From the wardrobe department straight to InStyle:

Carrie's gold nameplate necklace

Carrie's round, gold Bulgari watch

Fabric flower pins

Charlotte's single strand and Carrie's multistrand or yards of pearls

Large gold hoop earrings

Carrie's Playboy bunny pendant on a gold chain

Required viewing

Although the series didn't set out to be educational, women wish their men would watch the following episodes:

"The Good Fight," wherein Aidan urged Carrie to give away some of her clothes and shoes. "Don't mock the clothes," she warned.

"The Catch," wherein Harry's best man thinks the sexual technique he used in high school is still state of the art, and Carrie disagrees.

"They Shoot Single People, Don't They?" wherein Miranda explains why women fake it.

Most romantic moments

"I get it," Big said to Carrie, "you've never been in love."

When Steve and Miranda kissed in the rain, and the urban myth about the one-night stand that turned into a relationship was born.

When Charlotte told Harry she probably couldn't have children, and he said he didn't care, they could adopt.

OK, it wasn't romantic, but it was hot -- when Carrie and Big kissed in the hotel elevator.

We could have done without

Watching a pregnant Sarah Jessica Parker pretend she wasn't.

Seeing the naked rear view of the 72-year-old millionaire Samantha bedded.

Getting advice on how to choose a woman for a threesome.

Watching Carrie chew gum as she walked down the street.

Seeing Carrie's Princess Leia hairdo.

Firing offenses

Men who dated the fab four made missteps at their peril. Dates were shown the door when they:

Chose the wrong china pattern. (Charlotte)

Left the bathroom door open. (Miranda)

Lived in a filthy apartment with a disgusting roommate. (Carrie)

Expressed a preference for unconventional showers. (Carrie)

Wanted to have long talks about "the relationship." (Samantha)

Were rageaholics. (Carrie, Miranda, Charlotte)

Confessed liking older women. (Samantha)

Still lived with his parents. (Carrie)

Babbled baby talk in bed. (Samantha)

Were bad kissers. ("He raped my face," said Charlotte)

Handbag hall of fame

The Fendi baguette

Dior saddle bag

Vintage magazine clutch

Dior denim logo bag

The coveted Hermes Birkin bag

Gucci logo fanny pack

The jeweled Judith Leiber minaudiere Big gave Carrie

We choked up when ...

Miranda's mother died.

Brady was born.

Carrie thought she had lost Aidan's dog, Pete.

Samantha was diagnosed with breast cancer.

The first time Carrie broke up with Big.

Carrie and Big had their "'The Way We Were' Moment" outside the Plaza.

Best in show

Carrie's Givenchy strapless chiffon dance dress

Charlotte's backless black bridesmaid's gown by Richard Tyler

Carrie, doing a Jackie Kennedy turn in vintage Halston shirtwaist and big sunglasses

Carrie's black-and-white flowered Prada skirt and baby Tee

Samantha's strapless golden gown by Pamela Dennis and movie-star hairdo

Charlotte's tidy, good-girl dresses, such as the off-the-shoulder linen printed with brown cabbage roses she wore when Trey proposed.

Meanwhile, in real life

Sarah Jessica Parker had a baby boy.

Kim Cattrall got married, wrote a sex manual with her husband, then got divorced.

Kristin Davis dated Alec Baldwin and bought a house.

Cynthia Nixon had a second child with her longtime boyfriend.

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