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TV Notes: More Paris & Nicole

Tuesday, February 10, 2004

By Rob Owen, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Daily Variety reports that on the second season of Fox's "The Simple Life," which could air as early as May, Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie will traverse America in an RV, stopping with different families along the way.

And more 'Joe Schmo'

Daily Variety also reports that Spike TV has given a green light to a second edition of "The Joe Schmo Show," its reality hit from last summer that starred Matt Kennedy Gould of Mt. Lebanon.

Gould thought he had applied to be on a regular "reality" show, but all the other contestants were actors performing the roles of stereotypical reality show contestants. Only the unsuspecting Gould didn't know that the purpose of the show was to fool him.

Variety says the second edition will spoof a different genre of reality TV.

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