Pittsburgh, Pa.
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Radio Notes: Davenport Jr. to head Sheridan's radio division

Wednesday, January 21, 2004

By Adrian McCoy, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Ronald Davenport Jr. has been named president of Sheridan Broadcasting Corp.'s Radio Division.

Davenport is responsible for Sheridan's radio properties here (WAMO-FM, WSSZ-FM, WAMO-AM and WPGR-AM) and in Buffalo, N.Y. (WUFO-AM). He'll also continue as general counsel for Sheridan and manager of affiliate relations for American Urban Radio Networks. Davenport was previously president of Sheridan's gospel network.

Susan Austin replaces Davenport as president of the Sheridan Gospel Network.

Former Sheridan president Alan Lincoln has left the company.

Power problem

WDUQ-FM (90.5) is operating at reduced power because of technical problems.

Last week, the station went to reduced power because of problems with its antenna system. On Saturday, a failure in the transmission line knocked the station off the air completely. It came back Sunday, again at reduced power.

The station is investigating the cause of the failure, which could be related to the recent cold spell.

The signal is good within a few miles of Downtown and can be tuned in up to 10 miles away, depending on factors such as elevation and the receiver used.

The station hopes to be back at full capacity by the weekend, although that's not guaranteed.

WDUQ may be replacing its aging transmitter soon. In October, the station received a grant from the U.S. Department of Commerce, which will provide matching funds to replace the main transmitter. The station still has to raise the remaining funds.

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