Pittsburgh, Pa.
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Antenna problem takes WQEX off air

Wednesday, January 14, 2004

By Barbara Vancheri, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Television viewers who do not have cable or who live in outlying areas yesterday found themselves without WQEX-TV or WQED's high-definition signal. WQED-TV, which airs the same lineup as WQEX, was not affected.

Channel 16's signal was shut down yesterday because of a problem apparently linked to the late morning snowstorm, which caused white-out conditions. "It has not been determined exactly where the problem lies, but it is known that it is somewhere on the antenna tower, which rises 600 feet above Oakland," WQED Multimedia said in a press release.

WQED DT38, the high-definition signal for WQED, shares that mast, forcing it off, also. Cable companies in some communities patch the signal for Channel 13 onto 16, so those viewers noticed no difference. WQED didn't know when the problem would be fixed.

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