Pittsburgh, Pa.
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Steelers lost Sunday and so did 'Dreamkeeper' fans

Wednesday, December 31, 2003

By Kim Crow, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Sunday night was a dustup for TV fans as well as Steelers fans. Viewers expecting to see the first night of the "Dreamkeeper" miniseries were instead treated to an unusual 8:30 p.m. football game on WTAE. "Dreamkeeper" aired immediately after WTAE's local news broadcast after the football game, but many viewers missed this first segment due to the time change.

"We did broadcast the time change along with ads for the miniseries," said Rachelle Ducca, assistant program manager at WTAE. "But as far as rerunning the first episode, that's an ABC decision. If ABC decides to re-run the episode, we will re-run it."

A spokeswoman for ABC says the network has no plans at present to re-air "Dreamkeeper."

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