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TV Notes: No '24' repurposing

Tuesday, November 04, 2003

Although FX has rerun episodes of "24" a week after they premiere on Fox in years past, the cable network won't do that this season.

Fox hadn't been planning to either, but at the last minute pulled an encore of "Skin" on Thursday night and replaced it with a rerun of the season premiere of "24." In addition, Fox has yanked the low-rated Tuesday edition of "The Next Joe Millionaire" and will replace it tonight with a rerun of the "24" season premiere. Sitcom reruns will fill the slot Nov. 11 and 18.

(Rob Owen, Post-Gazette TV editor)

Canceled and renewed

NBC has canceled the low-rated sexcom "Coupling." Fox lowered the boom on the low-rated, critically panned sitcom "Luis," which had its final broadcast last month. Fox has postponed the season premiere of "The Bernie Mac" show until Nov. 30, after sweeps.

NBC's "The Lyon's Den" remains in production, but the network yanked it from November sweeps due to low ratings.

Meanwhile, CBS renewed five freshman series -- "Joan of Arcadia," "Two and a Half Men," "Navy NCIS," "Cold Case" and "The Handler" -- for a full season.

NBC placed full-season orders for "Whoopi" and "Happy Family."

And ABC ordered additional episodes of "10-8," "Threat Matrix," "Hope & Faith," "I'm With Her," "It's All Relative" and "Married to the Kellys."


Statewide newscast planned?

A blind ad seeking employees for a statewide nightly, hourlong newscast to debut in the spring has begun appearing on a TV industry employment Web site.

A representative for the Pennsylvania Cable Network said it's not starting the program. Officials at Comcast, which has cable systems throughout the state and already produces newscasts in Philadelphia, said it's not starting the program either.

The ad seeks reporters for offices in Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, the Lehigh Valley, Harrisburg, Scranton and the Poconos. The newscast will employ three news anchors, nine reporters, three sports anchors/reporters and three weathercasters.


McIntire, Bowyer on WTAE

As part of Channel 4's election coverage, John McIntire, former host of PCNC's "NightTalk," will spar with WPTT (1360-AM) host Jerry Bowyer tonight at 11.

"Both are opinionated and knowledgeable," said WTAE news director Bob Longo. "We thought it would be fun and informative and not your typical election night coverage to have them square off on the Onorato/ Roddey outcome."

McIntire has a no-compete clause that bars him from being employed by other local stations for nine months. Neither McIntire nor Bowyer will be paid for appearing on WTAE.


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