Pittsburgh, Pa.
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TV Notes: 10/18/03

Saturday, October 18, 2003

By Rob Owen, Post-Gazette TV Editor

McIntire's farewell

During yesterday afternoon's taping of the final "NightTalk with John McIntire" on PCNC, one of the funniest moments occurred off-camera during a commercial break. McIntire went to move a monitor and the TV almost fell off its cart.

"Nobody would believe it was an accident," McIntire said, laughing, as studio guests jokingly encouraged him to trash the studio.

McIntire left PCNC after the station made an offer to renew his contract that would have cut him from full time to part time and reduced his salary.

Three different panels of three regular guests each chatted with McIntire on his last show, debating the question, "Is Pittsburgh doomed?"

Political strategist Dianna Wentz and City Paper managing editor Chris Potter presented McIntire with a cardboard sign: "Will Opine For Food."

"You can see me just off the Grant Street exit looking pathetic," McIntire said.

The program concluded with two music videos and one last "scintillating" commentary, in which McIntire took a brief moment for sincerity, thanking viewers for watching and bidding goodnight one last time to "Mr. and Mrs. Pixburgh and all the ships at sea."

WPXI special

Magician/entertainer Craig Karges headlines a new Channel 11 special, "Bedazzled Boys of Black and Gold" (7 tonight), which promises "a journey through the unexplained."

Former Steelers players Louis Lipps, Randy Grossman, Robin Cole and Todd Kalis assist Karges. The special repeats tonight at 9 on PCNC and again at 8 p.m. Oct. 31 on PCNC.

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