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TV Preview: 'Mullets' star finds hairstyle is 'such a lure'

Tuesday, October 07, 2003

By Rob Owen, Post-Gazette TV Editor

HOLLYWOOD, Calif. -- It's not burning up the ratings, but the timing seems to be right for UPN's "The Mullets" (9:30 tonight), at least culturally speaking. With myriad Web sites devoted to the mullet hairstyle as well as Mullet-brand gum and lip balm, the mullet has pop culture cachet.

Whether or not irony is intended is probably in the mind of the mullet-wearer, but it's not a hairstyle that will be ignored.

"You would never expect people would respond to a haircut so strongly," said David Hornsby, a 1998 graduate of Carnegie Mellon University and one of the stars of "The Mullets." "There's such a lure to the mullet. ... You can buy a book about mullets at Urban Outfitters. It's sort of resurgent."

'The Mullets'

WHEN: 9:30 tonight on UPN.

STARRING: David Hornsby, Loni Anderson.


Hornsby, who also plays Hutch the jerk on the competing "The Joe Schmo Show" (starring Matt Kennedy Gould of Mt. Lebanon), said "The Mullets" could be set in any town, even Pittsburgh, although on the TV series the location is identified as suburban Los Angeles.

"I know people who think the mullet is Southern, but I was at a World Wrestling match the other day and there were mullets galore and we're in Los Angeles," Hornsby said at a UPN party in July. "There were two guys wearing mullets sandwiching Rob Reiner, who was there with his grandchild. They are in every culture. I used to have a mullet, and I'm from Houston."

Hornsby said he thought "The Mullets" would strike a chord in Western Pennsylvania.

"Pittsburgh is a blue-collar town and you're most likely to find the main concentration of mullets in a blue-collar environment."

At a July press conference, producers of "The Mullets" said mullet wearers have a "go for it" attitude and are unconcerned with what other people think. They took that attitude to heart, saying they wanted their show to have big, broad comedy and physical humor.

Hornsby said he is stage-certified from CMU, meaning he's trained in hand-to-hand stage combat and the use of a prop dagger. But it didn't prepare him for flipping off a roof, as he did in the "Mullets" pilot.

"What comes in handy the most is knowing where to fall," Hornsby said. "You have to know where the fleshy part is so you don't damage yourself."

Rob Owen can be reached at or 412-263-2582. Post questions or comments to under TV Forum.

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