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Mid-Atlantic Emmy nominations announced

Friday, August 08, 2003

By Rob Owen, Post-Gazette Tv Editor

As expected, WTAE and WQED received the bulk of the Pittsburgh nominations yesterday in the Mid-Atlantic Emmy Awards competition. Philadelphia outlets, as usual, took home the majority of the nominations.

As stations, KDKA, WPXI and WPGH don't enter the regional Emmys, although individual employees sometimes do.

WTAE captured 16 nods, WQED had 14, Fox SportsNet Pittsburgh and KDKA had three each and the Pittsburgh Steelers and WPXI had one nomination each. WPGH received a single individual achievement nomination for weathercaster Matt Morano, who was laid off by the station earlier this year.

Nominations are for reports broadcast predominantly in 2002 (the eligibility period was April 1, 2002, to March 31, 2003). Winners will be announced at a ceremony Sept. 13 in Philadelphia.

Mid-Atlantic Emmy nominations comprise entries from Pennsylvania; New Jersey; Delaware; Steubenville, Ohio; and Wheeling, W.Va. Local nominees include:

Single news broadcast: 5 p.m. newscast, WTAE, news director Bob Longo.

Morning newscast: WTAE, Longo.

Spot news/single report same day: "Tanker Truck Accident," WTAE, reporter Marcie Cipriani, Longo.

Spot news/extended coverage: "Rescue of Quecreek Miners," WTAE, assistant news director Tallee Whitehorn, producer Timothy Wells, producer Connie Stewart, producer Tricia Rorison, manager editor Rege Bobonis.

General news/single report: "Clark -- One Week Later," KDKA, photographer L. David Colabine.

News feature/single report same day: "Parking Chairs," WTAE, Longo; "Canonsburg 200th," KDKA, reporter Dave Crawley, photographer/editor Dave Forstate; "The Human Wheel," WTAE, reporter Wendy Bell, editor Michael Lazorko, photographer Eric Hinnebusch.

News feature/series: "Shanksville Remembers 9/11," KDKA, Crawley, Forstate.

Service news/feature or series: "A Pile of Trouble," WTAE, reporter Jim Parsons, Lazorko.

Investigative journalism: "Faulty Air Tanks," WTAE, Longo, Lazorko.

Special live news coverage: "Quecreek Mine Rescue," WTAE, Longo, Wells, Stewart, Rorison, Bobonis.

Documentary program: "From Pittsburgh to Haiti: Mission of Mercy," WQED Multimedia, producer/reporter Michael Bartley, producer Nathalie Berry, producer/editor/photographer Pierina Morelli, supervising producer David Solomon

Program feature/informational: "On Q: The Donora Smog," WQED, producer reporter Andy Masich, photographer/editor Paul Ruggieri, Solomon; "On Q: Autism -- Childhood Mystery," WQED, Bartley, Ruggieri.

Program feature/entertainment: "Ready, Set, What?" Pittsburgh Steelers, producer Rick Fairbend, host Rick Guigliano, production assistant/photographer Pete Gergely; "On Q: Stuck at Prom," WQED, Morelli; "On Q: Landmines Concert," WQED, producer/reporter Carol Lee Espy, Ruggieri, Solomon.

Youth programming: "Brain Food," WQED, producer Gina Catanzarite, executive producer Jocelyn Hough, project director Laura Seliy, vice president/education Karen Farmer-White, editor Frank Caloiero.

Performing arts program: "Live From Studio A," WQED, director Dave Rhodes, music director Scott Anderson, music recording engineer Dino DiStefano, Hough, Caloiero.

Cultural program: "Happy Holidays in Pittsburgh," WQED, producer/narrator Rick Sebak, editor Kevin Conrad.

Live sports coverage/series: "Pittsburgh Penguins Hockey," Fox SportsNet Pittsburgh, executive producer Paul Kosuth, producer David Koppett, director Bryan Seip; "Pittsburgh Pirates Baseball," Fox SportsNet Pittsburgh, director Dennis Galloway, Kosuth.

Sports feature/programming: "On Q: Clemente Collector," WQED, producer Alicia Maloney, Ruggieri.

Public affairs program/one-time only special: "Local Heroes: On Q Special Edition," WQED, Ruggieri, Solomon.

Promotional announcement: "Denardo Weather Watch," WTAE, creative services director Sherry Carpenter, assistant promotion manager Rachelle Ducca, promotion editor Rodney Johnson.

Promotional campaign: "Morning Team Taking Action 4 You," WTAE, Carpenter, Ducca, Johnson.

Music composition: "On Q: Work To Do," WQED, Espy.

Individual achievement editor/promotion: Rodney L. Johnson, WTAE.

Individual achievement anchor/news: Michelle Wright, WTAE.

Individual achievement reporter/hard news: Chris Glorioso, WTAE; Jim Parsons, WTAE.

Individual achievement reporter/feature news: Michael Bartley, WQED; Susan Koeppen, WTAE.

Individual achievement weathercaster: Julie Bologna, WPXI; Matt Morano, WPGH.

Individual achievement writer/programming: David Solomon, WQED; Gina Catanzarite, WQED.

Rob Owen can be reached .

or 412-263-2582. Post questions or comments to under TV Forum.

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