Pittsburgh, Pa.
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Offers still swamp Morasca

Saturday, July 26, 2003

By Rob Owen, Post-Gazette TV Editor

Eating while being interviewed with fellow "Survivor" star Heidi Strobel, crowding in a photo booth with Strobel and bowling with Strobel (and "Cupid" host Brian McFayden) were all on Pittsburgher Jenna Morasca's agenda at a CBS party Sunday night at the trendy Lucky Strikes bowling alley.

Morasca continues to get deluged with requests for speaking engagements and appearances at charity events and hasn't gotten back to her studies at the University of Pittsburgh. (She said she might go back in 2004.) Tomorrow and Tuesday, the "Survivor" winner will guest star in the off-Broadway show "Pieces (of A--)" at Theater 80 in New York.

"It's a chance for us women to talk about dating and men," said Morasca, who will perform a monologue. "It's a chance for us to sound off and speak our minds."

The "Survivor" winner said she and runner-up Matthew Von Ertfelda are "just friends" who don't get a chance to talk often, but she does keep in touch more regularly with other cast members, including Rob Cesternino.

And, who could forget, she and Strobel are on the cover of the current Playboy.

"I've gotten nothing but positive feedback," she said. Even her father, Michael Morasca, was OK with it. "After he found out the stipulations of the contract and how much we were getting [paid] and how we had photo control and things like that, he was fine with it. I'm an adult, and he knew I wouldn't do anything that was not classy. He trusted my judgment."

Morasca wouldn't say how much Playboy paid her to disrobe.

So far she hasn't been approached about appearing in CBS's "all-star" edition of "Survivor," slated to premiere early next year, but she said she would be interested in participating. She has no regrets about her first round.

"I don't think it was a negative to be the [witch]. They didn't cast me [in that light], that's who I was," Morasca said. "I was out there to play for a million dollars and if you got in my way, I was going to take you out. You can't be nice in that game. I felt like I said a lot of things that sometimes other people were thinking but afraid to say."

TV editor Rob Owen has been attending the Television Critics Association summer press tour. You can reach him at 412-263-2582 .

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