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TV Note: 5/17/03

Saturday, May 17, 2003

'Amy' star lives

Several readers called this week after watching the season finale of CBS's "Judging Amy." The episode ended with the apparent death of Gillian Gray and was followed by an on-screen dedication to Peppy Stern. Viewers wondered if that was the actress who plays Gillian. It's not.

Jessica Tuck plays the role of Gillian Gray. The dedication was to executive producer Joseph Stern's wife, who died earlier this year.

No word from CBS on whether Gillian will live to see another season.

(Rob Owen, Post-Gazette TV Editor).

Lynch movie update

This week NBC announced that its has acquired the rights to Iraqi lawyer Mohammed Al-Rahaief for telling "Saving Jessica Lynch," which is expected to air early in the 2003-04 television season.

Al-Rahaief told U.S. forces where they could find Lynch in a hospital. NBC continues to attempt to secure the rights to the story from Lynch herself.

Dan Paulson ("Passenger 57," "A Cooler Climate") and Bob Chmiel ("A Gift of Love") are the executive producers and John Fasano ("Profiler") is the writer.


Walters chats with Clinton

Barbara Walters will interview Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton for a prime-time ABC News special the day before Clinton's "Living History" book hits stores.

Walters' interview will air at 7 p.m. June 8.

"I am proud to be given the opportunity to go behind the headlines and behind the scenes of this extraordinary woman's public and private life," Walters said.

The Clinton interview was the subject of intense competition among television personalities. Walters reportedly beat out her ABC colleague Diane Sawyer, CBS's "60 Minutes" and NBC's Katie Couric.

The New York senator was interviewed by Walters before the publication of "It Takes a Village" in 1996 and was pleased by the experience, spokeswoman Karen Dunn said.

There will be no ground rules on what can be asked during the interview.

By scheduling the interview for 7 p.m. on a Sunday, ABC will go up against "60 Minutes," where Clinton's husband, former President Bill Clinton, does commentaries. However, in rerun season, it's unlikely the former president will be on.

(Associated Press)

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