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Music will evolve as 'Dreams' does

Sunday, November 17, 2002

By Rob Owen, Post-Gazette TV Editor

Music plays an important role in "American Dreams," from the performances on the show's "American Bandstand" stage -- Usher played Marvin Gaye last week, Ashanti plays Dionne Warwick next month -- to the music on the soundtrack.

Not surprisingly, series creator/executive producer Jonathan Prince said record companies have approached producers about releasing a soundtrack.

That fits Prince's plan. He'd like to release a CD every year "American Dreams" is on the air with music that's representative of the year depicted on the show. (This year's soundtrack will cover 1963-64.)

"Generation," the show's theme song performed by Emerson Hart of the band Tonic and written by Hart and his wife, Nicole, will soon be released in a longer version as a single. Prince said if "American Dreams" gets renewed, Hart will rerecord the theme every year to reflect the changes in music as the '60s decade marches on.

"Next season it will be the same song, but a different arrangement that reflects the Beatles and British vibe," Prince said. "By 1968 it will have an electric vibe."

Here are the lyrics to the "American Dreams" theme song "Generation":

You're coming up like a flower
You're coming up through the cracks that live 'round here
Everybody knows we have no fear
This is my generation
'Cause we just wanna dance all night
Live inside the spark of life
This might be the only time around
We want to know the face of freedom
We want to make a place where we can learn to love
Build a world that we can be proud of
This is my generation.

Sunday, November 17, 2002

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