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June 4, 2023
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Sarah Wynter as Kate Warner

Sunday, October 27, 2002

By Rob Owen, Post-Gazette TV Editor

When you join the cast of a show like "24," the first thing you learn is to keep plot details to yourself.

That's not hard when producers parse out information on a need-to-know basis.

"I know that I'm going to be a lawyer," said Australian actress Sarah Wynter, who will affect an American accent for the series. "I come from a wealthy family and someone in my family gets involved with someone we think might be a terrorist. It's hard because you want to support your family, but you don't want 'em to blow stuff up."

It's the threat of terrorism that puts Wynter's Kate in touch with Jack Bauer, who could become a love interest, though how that happens in just 24 hours remains unclear along with other plot details.

"Either they really don't know, 'cause that's what they tell me, or they know and they're not telling me," Wynter said. "I keep asking, 'I'm not going to get the script where I'm bombing things up,' and they say, 'No, no.' "

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