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Quick primer on '24' roster

Tuesday, February 05, 2002

By Rob Owen, Post-Gazette TV Editor

In addition to Jack Bauer (Kiefer Sutherland) and his family, "24" features a roster of supporting characters whose motives are often murky. Consider this a primer on a few of them:

Ira Gaines (Michael Massee): The leader of the bad guys, at least for now. Dennis Hopper has been cast to play the mastermind behind the plot to frame Bauer for the attempt on Palmer's life. Hopper will appear in the final five episodes of the season.

Jonathan (Rudolf Martin): Although missing for a few episodes, he's disguised as Palmer's official photographer, Martin Belkin. The real Belkin was killed in a terrorist-instigated jetliner explosion.

Sen. David Palmer (Dennis Haysbert): "24" takes place on the day of the California presidential primary, and Palmer is the country's first viable African-American presidential candidate.

Sherry Palmer (Penny Johnson Jerald): Wife of Sen. Palmer, Sherry is scheming to keep secret her son Keith's involvement in the death of the man who raped his sister. Some online fans have nicknamed her "Lady MacPalmer."

Carl (Zach Grenier): A Palmer associate, he covered up Keith's role in the death of the rapist and seems willing to go to any lengths to keep the truth from leaking out.

Maureen Kingsley (Devika Parikh): A national network reporter who threatens to reveal Keith's secret.

Nina Myers (Sarah Clarke): Jack's most trusted ally within the CTU. She and Jack had an affair.

Tony Almeida (Carlos Bernard): Early on, this CTU operative simply scowled at everything Jack did, but more recently he's come to Jack's aid. He's currently dating Nina.

Jamey Farrell (Karina Arroyave): In a shocker of a twist, Jamey turned out to be the CTU mole who was feeding inside information to Gaines. In the most recent episode, she tried to commit suicide. Tonight viewers will learn whether she was successful.

Rick (Daniel Bess): One of two guys (the other is already dead) who kidnapped teen-age Kim Bauer. He didn't know what treachery he was getting involved in and now seems sympathetic to the kidnapped girl's plight.

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